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Breaking Bad Goes Gingerbread

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The holidays are quickly approaching, and this is the first of a zillion pop culture themed decorations/projects you’ll see on this site before then. What better way to start things off with Gingerbread Breaking Bad?

Walter looks thoroughly evil, and I wonder what crystal meth candy tastes like. Or maybe that’s actual crystal meth.

I think the DEA snowman is my favorite part.


Can I have Ops?
I'm season 5 Ep 1 and still enjoying it. It really is becoming just a "show" now for me if I am honest.

Big part of me thinks they should have ended it at Season 4, such a nice full stop.

Better Call Saul looks like it might be like Joanie Loves Chachi. I mean everyone loved Chachi, but just not an entire show of it please?


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Breaking Bad was a fantastic show that ended without trying to do some gimmicky or swerve shit just for the sake of it. I'll always appreciate that. Better Call Saul sounds like hooking on to the hype train and the pretty universal love BB has to cash in on a show that did it right the first time and doesn't need a spin off. Bob Odenkirk is awesome and was the perfect comic relief as Saul in Breaking Bad but I'm a bit wary about how good it can be. Apparently I'm not the only one:

Vince Gilligan admits Better Call Saul 'may have been a mistake' - News - TV & Radio - The Independent


Can I have Ops?
I think I am somewhere like Ep7 of Season 5 and I really am struggling to be bothered to finish it. Sorry, but I am really struggling with Walt now, Skylar makes me want to puke and Mike is becoming less and less believable.

This is not an opinion many share I am sure, but hey ho.

I have tracked through and cannot find the episode "tread lightly" which I would watch if I knew what Wacky was on about. I suspect it's a reference like "winter is coming" that I will get when I watch it.