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Space Travel: The final conspiracy


I love you
A user, or perhaps a bot posted this today in response to NASA's release of the photos from Jupiter.

There is no such thing as space travel. There is a firmament over the earth and under it. Gen 1:6, 14-19. This would explain why we cannot explore the actual bottom of the oceans. NASA, which is a Hebrew word, means deception and judging by these posts, the deception runs deep. All of the stuff NASA puts out is based on theory. There is no verifiable data open to the general public on this matter, everything is " top secret" yet we are so dumbed down that we believe it anyway. Without even considering the source. People need to read more and stop watching so much tv.
Dajoooooooooz. Also Christianity comes from the same well of window-licking as the other two bronze-age sun-baked sandbox bullshit. Fuck all three.