Star Wars: Resistance


I want to smell dark matter
I forgot this was a real thing and not just something they made up to distract us from the secret Clone Wars revival.

Can't wait for the final episode when Poe orders all these kid friendly characters to their deaths!


I want to smell dark matter
One reasons I wasn't too excited about this at first was because I don't find the world of the sequel trilogy all that interesting, but hopefully this series will flesh out that world the way Clone Wars did for the world of the prequel trilogy (though I'd argue the prequel trilogy era was more well established by the movies than the sequel trilogy era has been.)

The animation looks quite good.
FYI the first three episodes (with the first one being double-length) are on Disney XD's streaming thing in the US, which means they're also out in ~other places~.


I want to smell dark matter
I watched all three. I thought the first one was a pretty weak start. The first half suffered, surprisingly, from Oscar Isaac's voice acting. He sounded kind of bored? I really have no idea why he decided to recruit some flailing limbed jittery guy he just met as a spy, or why he had him go undercover as a mechanic when Kaz has no mechanical experience. But I guess making terrible decisions is in character for Poe. Then the second half of the episode had a LOT of Kaz walking around trying to find items and being introduced to new characters. It went on too long. The race part was good.

I liked the pirate fight in episode three. Episode four...well, I guess it had some character development for Kaz.

The animation looked very good in the action scenes. Sometimes when they were standing around talking it looked too much like an RPG. I liked the variety of character designs and alien species seen and the spaceships.

I wonder if Leia originally had dialogue in the first episode and they cut it because of the voice actress getting into trouble.

So yeah I know I wasn't crazy about Rebels when it first started either and it got good, I just with there was more than grabbed me from the start in this.
Yeah I'd agree with that. I think the problem is that Kaz is kind of a shit character at the moment? He's like Season 1 Ezra but without any sort of hint of character progression.

And the episodes so far have all focused primarily on him, whereas literally any of the side characters seem more interesting right now. Like I'd rather see the lives of the other racers and what they're all about than more of Kaz being shit at everything.



I want to smell dark matter
New episode was pretty good. Kaz's flailing limbs are still annoying but the plot was solid. I liked all the dolls of familiar species in Torra's room.

Neeku should either shockingly die to prove how dangerous the First Order is or turn out to be evil because I'm not buying his act!
In Torra Doza's room there is a stuffed toy of an Ortolan BUT it has FOUR LIMBS instead of that CORRECT two limbs and then the official Star Wars site even says that the plush in the show has the WRONG AMOUNT OF LIMBS FOR AN ORTOLAN which must mean that there is even an in-universe misunderstanding about the amount of limbs an Ortolan has WHICH IS VERY INTERESTING I'M SURE YOU'LL AGREE but they only have two limbs so it's weird that her stuffed toy has two!!!!!!!

Episode was pretty good, better than the rest.