Steve Ditko Dies

Sometimes you think how sad it seems he lived such a reclusive life. Unless that's what made him genuinely happy. I'm sad that no one got to peak inside his head in any kind of interview for decades. Agree or disagree with him I would've enjoyed reading or listening to his thoughts. He was an eccentric genius. I hope he got paid something for all the Spiderman movies and Dr.Strange.


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Jonathan Ross did a documentary years ago where he and Neil Gaiman got to meet Ditko...but he declined to appear on camera. So you just saw Ross and Gaiman go into Ditko's room then come out again later and say "yeah we talked to him, he's real!"
I remember watching that. Didn't he also give them some artwork? Imagine all that art he probably had laying around and couldn't give 2 shits about. Now some vulture is gonna auction off.


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I think he had close family that has been holding the estate and trust. No one's getting their hands on anything as far as I know. That would be quite an estate...seeing his artwork for sale was rare. The estate is values at 5 million.
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Somewhere in one of my boxes, I have his 2-issue MAN-BAT title from the mid-70s (the 2nd time he was at DC).

I might also have the Creeper run, but it might also just be some Batman titles where the Creeper guested so I'm not sure.