Strippers: Please visit this site


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<----- im even rated as being sweet and loveable!!! Fuck it... I give up... im just the resident sweet and loveable stripper *eyeroll*


beer, I want beer
jack said:
Don't blame me, I'm banned thirty different ways.

Did you think Jack Baney was a good troll?
I think I missed it. To be honest, there are so many squabbles over there on KNyholm's artwork and NAP, I've really lost interest in the board. I rarely check in over there any more...
tiff_7_17 said:
I made you guys a present, and yes...I photoshop skills are...well, deplorable. But I was bored.

Cool. I'd post it over there, but I don't want to get banned. Not yet, anyway.
That a nice banner Tiff!!!!

I would post it over there but I was just released from a 2 week suspension and I need to do some posting to clear up some issues that charged against me while I was unable to post. Strange how they will attack when your not allowed in the site. The true EI way.

However Miss Tiff.....Many Ex Isle members will see your handy work as many EI'ers read here daily.