Supergirl season 3

So Lena is a genius but she hasn't figured out that Kara is Supergirl despite the fact that Supergirl works with all of Kara's friends and famiily and looks identical to Kara?
Maybe she's just respecting her privacy by playing dumb. Like when your friend is dating a cunt or has an unconvincing comb-over, but you're afraid of upsetting them by pointing it out. Maybe she knows but is keeping her secret and playing dumb to prove her friendship.
Maybe in the season finale she tells her, and she just says I already knew, or some shit. Then maybe they'll kiss.


I want to smell dark matter
So Kara finds out her mother is still alive (and Tuvok's there too!) but it keeps cutting to a boring plot about Alex being boring? Seemed weird.
That last episode was a stinker. Erica Durance is a TERRIBLE actress. And they all just kinda stood around while the 3 witches fried the asian dude. The witches leader is hot though for a presumably older woman. She looks good to me. I bet she has some spectacular middle age titties under that witch outfit. Is she black? Hispanic? Regardless, I like dark chicks. She reminded me of an older Maggie Sawyer.

So when Batwoman shows up next season will she get to lick Alex too you think?


Pinata Whacker
I'll watch them all because I have no life, but I'll be sure to complain about them on here!
I'll watch them all eventually because I have too much of a life and a job, but I'll be sure to keep it all bottled up until I explode in a non violent crying pathetic rage.