The Crystal Maze


I want to smell dark matter
The guy who kept saying "take your time!" this week annoyed me. They don't have much time! That's kind of a big thing about the show!


I want to smell dark matter
The Crystal Maze is a hard show to get motivated to catch up on. I have a load of episodes, both regular and celebrity, on my Sky+ but I don't know when/if I'll watch them. It's not really the type of thing you binge watch, is it. But I did watch one (regular) episode where the time ended with NO crystals, the first time that's ever happened. They actually did have one crystal at the end but they used it to buy out idiots.


Is this real life?
I feel the same. I was so excited when it came back and I do enjoy watching it, but I kind of just take for granted that it’s on now. I didn’t even realise when the second series started, which would sound unconscionable to me a couple of years ago.