The Expanse season 3

Here's an interview with the showrunner that might give some clues about what will happen next season and where certain characters will be...
Nice article there. I liked that they put Drummer in the Bull/Pa role from the books rather than introducing new characters and it worked.

This season seemed a little rushed overall, there were a lot of good things in the book that could have been thrown into the series, but overall it was a great season. And I'm extremely glad that Amazon has control over it now instead of SyFy because let's face it, SyFy sucks. It looks like they have some interesting ideas for season 4, can't wait.


I want to smell dark matter
Cara Gee is so good at Drummer that they basically keep using her to fill Belter roles from the books and it always works because "so good" and they even turned Drummer into a major character in book 7 as a result.