The Flash season 4


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I will try to watch this the same time you do, or at least the same day, or the same week. WHATEVER.
The first episode was ok. Pretty predictable. But, at least this season's bad guy won't be a speedster. The preview of the next episode seems to be light-hearted.


Touching the monolith
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I decided to watch it tonight so I don't get behind. It was pretty good, just normal season premiere stuff.


I want to smell dark matter
I'm pretty sure I predicted Sisco "modifying the bazooka" to save him. At least Iris seems to be getting more to do this season (is she still a journalist?)
Barry is such a dumbfuck that even his barista turned part time reporter girlfriend has to tell him, a forensic scientist, how to wipe his ass.


Boobie inspector
No, but before the internet when you had to ring a phone number to get hints for games, the voice did speak really slowly.


Touching the monolith
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This is one of the worst episodes, IMO.

Gypsy's dad being an overprotective psycho is so boring.


Pinata Whacker
So a race of Plastic Men invaded and destroyed Earth 19? Seems unlikely with Gypsy's dad being such a great hunter/killer.