The Flash season 4

Good riddance. Too stupid to handcuff The Thinker the right way.
Too stupid to just kill the bastard. That whole "heroes don't kill the bad guys" thing is some strange shit that seems unique to DC Comics. I mean, their edgiest hero on that front is The Punisher, and Tony Stark bested The Punisher's 2004 cinematic kill count in one scene from his 2008 debut.

This is why DC films don't do as well as Marvel's -- for all the "dark and edgy" that's smeared on them like peanut butter on a lonely Great-Dane-owning housewife's downstairs sammich, their breakout heroes are an alien boy scout flying around in his underoos and a looney toon with survivor's guilt who makes citizens' arrests Wile E. Coyote style while dressed up in black tights and a scary hat.

Even the latest cinematic incarnations of those two don't make them come off well. The Man Of Squeal tries to stop his nemesis from killing innocent humans -- by demolishing a shitload of buildings which presumably have innocent humans in them. And when he finally stops the guy he pulls the cringiest howl since Darth Weener found out he accidentally snuffed his baby mama. Dude, you probably killed a couple hundred people in the last few minutes -- you only get the feels when you put an end to it? Really?

Honestly, the only cinematic DC characters who aren't mewling pussies are The Punisher and Wonder Woman or, as I like to call 'em, Captain PTSD and The Astounding Betitted Golem.

Point being, DC superheroes reticence to kill may be a necessity in order to not have 12 minute films and television episodes, but it also makes the only thing "super" about them seem to be their levels of ineptitude and foolishness.
Still debating on whether or not I'll even watch any CW shows next season. I gave up on Arrow before it even hit mid season and I'll definitely never watch the Legends again. This season of Flash wasn't as bad as last season, but that wasn't a hard bar to jump. I had an odd feeling that somehow Ralph could possibly still be alive. But does that mean he has all those bus meta powers now? Did they die with Devoe?


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Legends is one of my favourite super hero shows after season three and I'm hoping season four will be just as good. Black Lightning was good too and if you haven't watched that I'd recommend it. Flash and Arrow I wouldn't care if they ended now. Supergirl I'll give another season, it's not bad but the story arc is too dragged out.
I liked Black Lightning what I saw of it. Just couldn't get into it. I considered binge watching to catch up. The Legends was humorous, and a real likeable cast I just can't get over the nonsense. It stretches the thin line too far for me. I consider just dropping down to Supergirl and Krypton when it comes back on. Krypton was only 10 episodes but it ended on a helluva cliffhanger. Its storyline made up for its occasional dullness.


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The finale was better than a lot of the season, since at least stuff happened. Still didn't make much sense, but that's The Flash for you. Why did they just let DeVoe's wife go at the end? She might have been drugged in the end, but she was willingly helping him for years.

Future daughter is cute.


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I thought Barry had created a time reminent at the end when time went back and there was two flashes.

Fucking dark moment choking a pregnant lady as she gives birth, remember when this was the bright and colourful frothy show?
Probably. I have this headcanon that there are metas down in there we haven't seen just because their powers were lame and catching them wasn't worth an episode. Villains like The Sticky, whose meta power is to make things adhere to one another. Or Juiceman, who can shoot delicious, nutritious fruit or vegetable juice from his eyeballs. Or "The Muke", whose power is to make peoples' noses run, then robs them while they're distracted by the disgusting-ness.


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I finally started watching The Flash again (episode 17).

TOO MUCH RALPH. Jay and Silent Bob! Sisky... ugh.