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The Stereotypes Thread

The Saint

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You know the thing about stereotypes? They don't become stereotypes without being true. Like, a lot. Across broad regions of geography, and for a long time.

Gay dudes aren't stereotyped as effeminate because there weren't a lot of effeminate gay dudes mincing down a lot of streets for a good long while. Lower class Irish didn't end up stereotyped as brawling recreational drunkards because lower class Irish didn't have a lot of brawling drunkards in their midst. And, as it turns out, you can't manufacture new stereotypes, either. The hard-working, honest illegal alien isn't a stereotype. You know what is, though. And if you've ever lived in the American southwest (or in any city or town with a colonia -- that's right, they call the neighborhoods they take over colonies) you know why it's a stereotype, too.

But this isn't just about why stereotypes exist -- or why, despite the best efforts of some, manufactured ones don't exist. This thread is about fun.

So come up with stereotypes that don't exist, like:

Russian men are teetotalers who would never so much as touch a glass of vodka. Russians are also awesome drivers.