The Stereotypes Thread

You know the thing about stereotypes? They don't become stereotypes without being true. Like, a lot. Across broad regions of geography, and for a long time.

Gay dudes aren't stereotyped as effeminate because there weren't a lot of effeminate gay dudes mincing down a lot of streets for a good long while. Lower class Irish didn't end up stereotyped as brawling recreational drunkards because lower class Irish didn't have a lot of brawling drunkards in their midst. And, as it turns out, you can't manufacture new stereotypes, either. The hard-working, honest illegal alien isn't a stereotype. You know what is, though. And if you've ever lived in the American southwest (or in any city or town with a colonia -- that's right, they call the neighborhoods they take over colonies) you know why it's a stereotype, too.

But this isn't just about why stereotypes exist -- or why, despite the best efforts of some, manufactured ones don't exist. This thread is about fun.

So come up with stereotypes that don't exist, like:

Russian men are teetotalers who would never so much as touch a glass of vodka. Russians are also awesome drivers.
Ah, Schrodinger’s undocumented migrant. Simultaneously a welfare queen AND stealing your job.
Well done, another stereotype that doesn't exist.

Don't see why you mentioned Schroedinger, though, his thought experiment is to do with the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle and the Quantum Observer Effect, and has nothing to do with what you vomited. You're like a pretentious college student using words he doesn't understand, aren't you. How droll.
Why is it that little lefty naifs like Anc always think they're the smartest kids in the room? Look around, Anc, ya mouth-breathing dipshit. Every place where what you want is the law, countries are overrun by savages and innocent people are suffering because of it. Now maybe you're too busy licking the window on a short bus to take notice of that, but the rest of us are paying attention.

Sit the fuck down, shut the fuck up, and let your intellectual betters handle this.


The Legendary Troll Kingdom
I think it's in contrast to how stupid you actually sound and how incorrect you are about all your rightie shit.

But then, some of us actually think.