The Unicorn Story


Holy Roman Emperor
Alright, this is a story of something really stupid that happened IRL. I'm not sure if I've shared it here before or not, but if I did, well, it needs repeating both because A - just how long ago I would've shared it, and B - how stupid it was. And again, this is a true story.

The story begins in my 12th grade Anthropology class (Late 2008 - Early 2009). We had an "Origins of Man" debate, where the students would split up into six groups, question the other groups, and whichever group could answer the most questions in a satisfying way would win.

The six groups were:
Literal Creation/Creation in Genesis
Creation Science
Theistic Evolution (Evolution occurs, but according to God's plan)
Darwinian Evolution (the group I was in)
Cosmological Evolution
Space Colonization

Anyway, the first group to go was the Literal Creation group, and boy oh boy, did they get the shit kicked out of them. Roughly 90% of the questions they were asked were answered with "We can't answer that". So, at the end of that barrage, the teacher decided to rub some salt in their wounds, by saying "Do you know why there are no unicorns? Because they didn't make it onto Noah's Ark.". Most of the class laughed at this joke, except for this one girl, who suddenly got a very concerned look on her face, and asked "Really?". 12th grade, people.

(And if you're wondering which group won, it was the Darwinian Evolution group - aka mine.)
I doubt such debates are held in classrooms today; not only because creationism in all forms has rightfully been laughed out of the secular forum, but because now even evolution would "trigger" students with its adherence to biological fact.


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I just really learned Darwinian Theory this semester at school. It was interesting.

As was your post.


Holy Roman Emperor
And for those few of you who were wondering which group the girl who asked about the unicorns was.... she was in the Literal Creation group.