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The Walking Dead season 9


Is this real life?
I’m not here to bash it, but for what it’s worth I stopped watching after Negan killed Glenn. I don’t like how it turned into being all about who was going to die next instead of what they were doing when they were alive.


Pinata Whacker
I thought read somewhere that Maggie was leaving but doing it in a way that she could come back to the show if she wanted.


I want to smell dark matter
The last episode of "Talking Dead" should have everyone involved killed by real zombies that have been created in a lab by Big Pharma.
with any luck, the "rick grimes' last episodes" schlock will be an excuse to subvert expectations and spice up the joint. it is getting stale as bread on this thing.
I was really hoping that Rick's speech at the end of last season was going to refocus the show against the actual walking dead, lots of plot lines about the now united Sanctuary, Hilltop, and the other one are now going after herds, killing the dead en masse and shit. But no, it's more dumb political intrigue between the towns, the threat of Negan's return, and the sense that against the dead, our core heroes are unstoppable and we needn't worry about that part of the show any more.

Remember in season 1 where a large number of named characters were just killed, just like that? Let's put Rick through that wringer and remind everyone who the real star of the show is.


I want to smell dark matter
The whole series should just be them using Ewok tricks (like the log roll) to kill zombies.

Why did they put Charles Vane in charge of distracting the herd when he's obviously a dick?