The Walking Dead season 9


Is this real life?
I’m not here to bash it, but for what it’s worth I stopped watching after Negan killed Glenn. I don’t like how it turned into being all about who was going to die next instead of what they were doing when they were alive.


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I thought read somewhere that Maggie was leaving but doing it in a way that she could come back to the show if she wanted.


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The last episode of "Talking Dead" should have everyone involved killed by real zombies that have been created in a lab by Big Pharma.
with any luck, the "rick grimes' last episodes" schlock will be an excuse to subvert expectations and spice up the joint. it is getting stale as bread on this thing.
I was really hoping that Rick's speech at the end of last season was going to refocus the show against the actual walking dead, lots of plot lines about the now united Sanctuary, Hilltop, and the other one are now going after herds, killing the dead en masse and shit. But no, it's more dumb political intrigue between the towns, the threat of Negan's return, and the sense that against the dead, our core heroes are unstoppable and we needn't worry about that part of the show any more.

Remember in season 1 where a large number of named characters were just killed, just like that? Let's put Rick through that wringer and remind everyone who the real star of the show is.


I want to smell dark matter
The whole series should just be them using Ewok tricks (like the log roll) to kill zombies.

Why did they put Charles Vane in charge of distracting the herd when he's obviously a dick?
Rick's final episode *cough*

Rick fell off a horse, jumped a shark, and it ends exactly how you think it will.

A very bad episode. The ending is a real eye roller. But maybe what it sets up will be interesting. But, probably not.

Its over folks. This was about the time it got lame in the comics too.
They should've ended with him at the bridge explosion. Leave a slight backdoor to Rick's survival. Not have him just happen to wash up by a HELICOPTER LANDING. I knew last week I KNEW that's what they were gonna do. Then the helicopter dream confirmed it. It wouldn't be as bad if we didn't see it. If They didn't explain his survival until he shows back up, which he will. I think that would've made it more intriguing yet still a bit predictable. They should've made the helicopter people's motives less unclear. But when they confirmed they was kidnapping mother fuckers the week before I would've bet anything Rick was going for a ride, One way or another. I was correct. The show has gotten silly. Negan shouldve punched Maggie took her hostage, and escaped. Let Maggie go once he was free. Or even have them vanish for the time gap. Nobody knows what happened to them until later.


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I read an article that said Rick Grimes won't return to The Walking Dead but they are going to have 3 movies airing on AMC that explain his fate and the helicopter community.


I want to smell dark matter
So after however many seasons of teasing the helicopter people we have to watch fucking Rick spin-off movies to find out who they are?

Also LOL at Sasha being one of his dream people. Were they even friends? Obviously they couldn't get the actors who played some more significant characters to Rick (like, you know, his wife and son) to come back.

The Shane scene was a good reminder of what a mistake it was to kill him off and that Jon Bernthal should have been the lead actor all along.

The Judith bit at the end was the worst moment in the history of television.
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