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The Picard/Tomalak showdown in 'The Defector' (TNG) - The moment where viewers realised that Picard is not just as badass as Kirk, but possibly even more badass than Kirk.



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Seven of Nine's first two episodes were last night and the night before. I forgot how good they were (haven't seen them in ages). I love that Janeway decided that Seven's humanity was worth fighting for, even when Seven didn't. COMPLY.

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Even though Braga created Seven because he was horny, the character brought back the potential conflict and drama that was quickly washed away in season 1 when the Maquis members just became Starfleet overnight and were barely heard from again. Seven and Janeway butted heads for the rest of the series, and apparently so did Ryan and Mulgew, to hear Ryan talk at this con:



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It's weird how he turned a question about Jeri Ryan and Kate Mulgrew's working relationship into a rant about not getting enough press. The two things didn't seem connected.

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You can tell which actors read the internet and which have learned not to. Wang DEFINITELY reads the internet. Poor thing.

If Beltran read the internet, he'd probably kill himself.

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I love he way the string section wasn't tuned properly when they recorded the theme song for the first season of TNG. It doesn't grate me like fingernails on a blackboard at all when I hear it.


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I watched The Cage again the other day and I was struck by how good it was. It’s got some really intelligent writing and a believability that I don’t think Trek’s had since. The characters act like real (flawed) humans, even down to Pike being sick of being captain rather than being heroically duty bound. And although the Talosians don’t get many lines, their motivations are explored quite a lot and reveal a sympathetic side rather than just being evil for the sake of it.

Anyway, I like the “magnify view” sound effect in TOS.
The Cage is great because on one level it's a really good episode of science fiction that easily sets the stage for everything Star Trek would become and on another level it's 100% a Gene Roddenberry creation wherein the male hero is asked which of the three beautiful women he would like to have sex with forever and he replies "NO IT'S MY RIGHT AS A HUMAN TO PICK WHICH BEAUTIFUL WOMAN I WILL HAVE SEX WITH FOREVER OF MY OWN FREE WILL!!" and then it turns out she was ugly anyway so that sure was a bullet dodged.

Captain Pike was the best.


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Picard and Q's last conversation from TNG's 'All Good Things'.

"That is the exploration that awaits you, not mapping stars and studying nebula but charting the unkown posibilities of existence."

Earth makes first contact with the Vulcans in Star Trek: First Contact.

It's a pretty simple scene, really. The Vulcans land and Zephran Cochrane greets them. But I find it one of the most emotional moments in Star Trek. In a happy emotions ways! It's just executed perfectly: The acting from James Cromwell, who's been shown as a drunk who doesn't much care about anything for most of the movie, realising that he's done something that's changed the world forever. Jerry Goldsmith's music, the main theme kicking in perfectly when Cochrane and Lily hold hands. Cochrane unable to do the Vulcan salute and offering a simple handshake. It's the hopefulness for the future that I think makes Star Trek great, that used to make me believe that future was actually destined to be better than the present and we'd have world peace and cool alien friends and everything. Which was pretty naive of me but it's nice to watch Star Trek and pretend, isn't it.