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Top Tens for 2018


I want to smell dark matter
The road goes ever on.

Lists are not "hot babe" lists but a reflection of what my brain is feeling that week, not to be taken seriously or anything, etc, if you're still reading this in 2018 you must know the deal by now.


1) Hailee Steinfeld - She is the GIRL OF THE YEAR so far!
2) Chloe Bennet - My rabidly pro Chloe Bennet stance continues to be both rabid and pro.
3) Gal Gadot - Is that a Gal I see? Yes. She's both a "gal" and a "Gal" as "gal" is a word for girl but also her name is "Gal." Also she's beautiful.
4) Janina Gavankar - She has achieved "fucking hot" status (in my brain, still not a "hot babes" list, just my opinion, etc.)
5) Freema Agyeman - Freema Agyeman has one of the best faces.
6) Felicity Jones - Her mouth is amazing.
7) Liv Tyler - It's good that Liv Tyler is as Liv Tyler as ever in 2018.
8) Fan Bingbing - Let's not forget Fan Bingbing in 2018!
9) Anna Kendrick - She's been Anna Kendgreat lately.
10) Lupita Nyong'o - I should have included her before this year.
11) Kiernan Shipka - The face of the future.
12) Natalie Portman - It's good that there are Natalie projects on the horizon for 2018.
13) Avril Lavigne - She's still got it.
14) Dakota Blue Richards - I hope we see more of her in 2018.
15) Leven Rambin
16) Virginia Gardner
17) Anjli Mohindra
18) Elle Fanning
19) Mackenzie Porter
20) Daisy Ridley
21) Ariela Barer
22) Lindy Booth

http://femalecelebrityoftheday.tumblr.com/ is also still a thing.


I want to smell dark matter

1) Chloe Bennet - She's really really getting more attractive all the time, which is impressive since she started off as highly attractive!
2) Natalie Portman - She was nearly number one on this ALL FEMALE list of celebrities.
3) Genevieve Buechner - I'm pretty much the number one Genevieve Buechner fan in the world if you go by tumblr!
4) Ming-Na Wen - She's amazming (amazing)!
5) Cristin Milioti - I should have included her before, please excuse me.
6) Gal Gadot - She's beautigal (beautiful)!
7) Kate Beckinsale - I still find her to be great.
8) Tiya Sircar - She's probably not going to be in The Good Place again but at least there's still pics!
9) Kat Dennings - We need more Kate Dennings than just two seconds instastories.
10) Lupita Nyong'o - I'm deubting her in anticaption of Black Panther!
11) Hailee Steinfeld - Let's not forget those important bikini pics.
12) Fan Bingbing- Let's continue to show the proper respect to Fan Bingbing.
13) Elizabeth Henstridge - Her face is very very good.
14) Anjli Mohindra - Also a good faced person.
15) Milana Vayntrub
16) Lily Mo Sheen
17) Danielle Panabaker
18) Alexandra Daddario
19) Kristen Bell
20) Hayley Atwell
21) Amy Acker
22) Dove Cameron
23) Malese Jow
24) Leven Rambin
25) Virginia Gardner
26) Ariela Barer
27) Rachel Bloom
28) Karen Gillan
29) Lindy Booth
30) Billie Lourd


I want to smell dark matter

1) Chloe Bennet - Did Chloe Bennet sneakily become my New Permanent Number One!?
2) Kiernan Shipka - Her smile is at the very top of the smile list.
3) Natalie Portman - She continues to look really good playing tennis.
4) Freema Agyeman - She knows how to run an Instagram.
5) Felicity Jones - Her face is one of the most beautiful faces out of all the faces.
6) Gal Gadot - They don't call her WONDER GAL for nothing!
7) Kat Dennings - She's still great and should be in things.
8) Elizabeth Henstridge - Also a girl with a great face.
9) Malese Jow - I don't think you understand how pretty she is.
10) Elle Fanning - I don't think you understand how pale she is.
11) Fan Bingbing - She's delicate.
12) Tessa Thompson - She's great.
13) Leven Rambin - Continuing to kill it.
14) Lupita Nyong'o - I like her.
15) Ming-Na Wen
16) Ivana Baquero
17) Jessica Lucas
18) Hana Kimura
19) Dove Cameron
20) Kristen Bell
21) Sophie Turner
22) Emma Roberts
23) Maisie Williams
24) Milana Vayntrub
25) Zoe De Grand Maison
26) Hailee Steinfeld
27) Jenna Coleman
28) Lindy Booth
29) Jameela Jamil
30) Samara Weaving


I want to smell dark matter

1) Chloe Bennet - Yep she's the best girl now! Congratulations to her.
2) Natalie Portman - It's good how often she plays tennis now.
3) Elle Fanning - I like her paleness and her cuteness.
4) Kiernan Shipka - Her face is still doing that thing (being really great)!
5) Anna Kendrick - She's as good as she is short.
6) Kristen Bell - It's good to see her in a dress again because she's really good in dresses.
7) Danielle Panabaker - More like Danielle Panagreater.
8) Malese Jow - Deserves a lot more hotness recognition.
9) Dakota Fanning - Also a high level pale Fanning!
10) Milana Vayntrub - Her face is great.
11) Anjli Mohindra - Her nose is on the great noses list.
12) Freema Agyeman - What more can be said about the greatness of Freema Agyeman.
13) Elizabeth Henstridge - She is pretty.
14) Gal Gadot - She's Gal Gahot.
15) Sophie Turner - It's good that she poses with fans.
16) Maisie Williams
17) Mackenzie Porter
18) Tiya Sircar
19) Brie Larson
20) Janina Gavankar
21) Britt Baron
22) Jameela Jamil
23) Ming-Na Wen
24) Camila Mendes
25) Lupita Nyong'o
26) Holly Earl
27) Maisie Richardson-Sellers
28) Olivia Holt


I want to smell dark matter

1) Anna Kendrick - YEP turns out Anna Kendrick is the best girl out of all the girls and that's that settled forever!
2) Chloe Bennet - It's good that she invented curves.
3) Kristen Bell - Her face is great but also she's just great in all ways.
4) Hayley Atwell - Hayley is definitely at well.
5) Kairi Sane - She's the smallest and cutest of wrestlers!
6) Hailee Steinfeld - She is super hot.
7) Kiernan Shipka - Her face needs to win face awards.
8) Katie McGrath - It's good that there's so many gifs of her in Supergirl (and then that I'll watch the episodes anyway!)
9) Ming-Na Wen - She's Mingtastic.
10) Elizabeth Henstridge - She's so good and English.
11) Dakota Fanning - It's good about recent Dakota Fanning media.
12) Elle Fanning - The sweetness.
13) Kristen Stewart - She's Kristen Cute!
14) Sasha Banks - She needs to stop diving on her head.
15) Dove Cameron
16) Malese Jow
17) Sarah Silverman
18) Asuka
19) Rose Leslie
20) Cobie Smulders
21) Natalie Portman
22) Tessa Thompson
23) Lily Mo Sheen
24) Leven Rambin
25) Maisie Richarson-Sellers
26) Jameela Jamil
27) Dua Lipa
28) Camila Mendes
29) Gillian Jacobs
30) Lindy Booth


I want to smell dark matter

1) Anna Kendrick - She is The Best Girl.
2) Natalie Portman - This has been a good week for new Natalie Portman material.
3) Hayley Atwell - She is actually amazing.
4) Kristen Bell - I like how small and good she is.
5) Genevieve Buechner - She's one of the very best Canadians.
6) Sophie Tuner - She's legtastic.
7) Emma Roberts - It's good about the consistent greatness of Emma Roberts.
8) Chloe Bennet - She's one of the best girls.
9) Kat Dennings - Late breaking return due to posting an Instagram video with her cat!
10) Jessica Lucas - It's good to see her face whenever we can.
11) Milana Vayntrub - Her face is great.
12) Maisie Richardson-Sellers - It's good to see more of her.
13) Zoe de Grand'Maison - I'm ready for the great ZDGM comeback of 2018.
14) Ming-Na Wen - I like her a lot.
15) Elle Fanning - Her stomach is really good.
16) Tiya Sircar
17) Brianna Hildebrand
18) Elizabeth Henstridge
19) Kiernan Shipka
20) Kairi Sane
21) Freema Agyeman
22) Karen Gillan
23) Avril Lavigne
24) Bailee Madison
25) Chloe Grace Moretz
26) Magda Apanowicz
27) Dana DeLorenzo
28) Felicity Jones
29) Dakota Fanning
30) Sonequa Martin-Green


I want to smell dark matter

1) Natalie Portman - It's good about Natalie Portman smiling in dresses.
2) Hayley Atwell - She's at the point where she's preparing a serious challenge for the "Best Girl" title.
3) Genevieve Buechner - I like her new glasses.
4) Emma Roberts - She's great.
5) Jessica Lucas - We definitely need more of Jessica Lucas as she is a top girl.
6) Anna Kendrick - Let's not forget Anna Kendrick even with all these new challengers emerging!
7) Dakota Blue Richards - She's Dakota Blue Great!
8) Dichen Lachman - Deserves more hotness recognition.
9) Dakota Fanning - She's been great lately!
10) Tessa Thompson - I like her a lot.
11) Milana Vayntrub - She's really pretty.
12) Camren Bicondova - She's a good friend for Jessica Lucas to have.
13) Elizabeth Henstridge - Pretty and English!
14) Elle Fanning - Also a good Fanning!
15) Kate Mara
16) Tiya Sircar
17) Anna Chlumsky
18) Chloe Bennet
19) Lupita Nyong'o
20) Kat Dennings
21) Elizabeth Olsen
22) Malese Jow
23) Magda Apanowicz
24) Rachel Nichols
25) Lindy Booth
26) Sarah Silverman
27) Rachel Bloom


I want to smell dark matter

1) Jennifer Lawrence - She has jumped back up to "One Of The Best Girls" level in spectacular fashion.
2) Emma Roberts - If you're talking about girls who look great in dresses, you have to say "Emma Roberts is a girl who looks great in dresses."
3) Sophie Turner - I hope she had a good birthday of being the unquestioned best Girl of Thrones and a strong Best English Girl contender!
4) Dakota Blue Richards -She's so good.
5) Karen Gillan - This is what a tall Scottish girl can look like!
6) Gemma Arterton - She is officially back.
7) Anna Kendrick - Still in a high state of Anna Kendrick appreciation.
8) Lupita Nyong'o - I find her beautiful.
9) Genevieve Buechner - Let's not forget her glasses.
10) Natalie Portman - Hey guess what I love Natalie Portman.
11) Hayley Atwell - Hey guess what I love Hayley Atwell.
12) Elle Fanning - She's one of the sweetest.
13) Tiya Sircar - She's great.
14) Tessa Thompson - Continues to be great.
15) Elizabeth Henstridge - Her great face.
16) Anjli Mohindra
17) Chloe Bennet
18) Elizabeth Olsen
19) Felicity Jones
20) Freema Agyeman
21) Kat Dennings
22) Aubrey Plaza
23) Malese Jow
24) Natalie Dormer
25) Brianna Hildebrand
26) Alison Brie
27) Rose Leslie
28) Kate Mara
29) Gillian Jacobs
30) Michelle Trachtenberg


I want to smell dark matter

1) Chloe Bennet - There is no one better looking than Chloe Bennet at the moment.
2) Natalie Portman - It's good about her new look, which is for a movie, but still counts as a new look.
3) Kiernan Shipka - Late breaking high level return.
4) Elizabeth Henstridge - She is actually great with her face, which is great.
5) Emma Roberts - Emma Roberts continues to be a top five level girl!
6) Dove Cameron - She is the Doveliest.
7) Elle Fanning - She works out a lot.
8) Tiya Sircar - It's really good how much Tiya Sircar there's been lately.
9) Felicity Jones - Sometimes I forget how good looking she is then I remember and I'm like "yeah she's really good looking."
10) Tessa Thompson - Her face is one of the best faces.
11) Genevieve Buechner - The best Canadian!?
12) Jennifer Lawrence - I obey the Law(rence.)
13) Hayley Atwell - I don't even have to tell you about Hayley Atwell anymore.
14) Sophie Turner - Continues to Turn heads.
15) Camren Bicondova - She is beautiful.
16) Malese Jow - I also find her to be beautiful.
17) Rose McIver - She's small and cute!
18) Milana Vayntrub - No but really, when is New Warriors going to be on.
19) Candice Patton
20) Aubrey Plaza
21) Holliday Grainger
22) Karen Gillan
23) Andi Gutierrez
24) Ming-Na Wen
25) Kate Beckinsale
26) Kristen Bell
27) Sasha Banks
28) Leven Rambin
29) Anya Taylor-Joy
30) Michelle Trachtenberg


I want to smell dark matter

1) Elizabeth Olsen - She is definitely a top level, top contender type girl who deserves this number one ranking and more in the future!
2) Hailee Steinfeld - Yep suddenly feeling rabidly pro Haiz again and it feels good to say it.
3) Chloe Bennet - It's good when she wears suits.
4) Natalie Portman - I'm awaiting her new movie "Vox Lux" with great interest.
5) Kiernan Shipka - She's in Ship shape!
6) Sophie Turner - She's the best Girl of Thrones and one of the very best English girls.
7) Genevieve Buechner - I love Genevieve Buechner.
8) Jennifer Lawrence - I obey the J-Law.
9) Elle Fanning - She's sweeter than eight kittens in a sweet shop.
10) Emma Roberts - What more can be said about Emma Roberts.
11) Tiya Sircar - She's SpecTIYAular!
12) Hayley Atwell - I like her a lot.
13) Candice Patton - It's a shame The Flash is shit now but she's still very good.
14) Gal Gadot - She's Gal Gahot.
15) Jessica Lucas - We need more Jessica Lucas.
16) Milana Vayntrub
17) Freema Agyeman
18) Adelaide Kane
19) Leanne Lapp
20) Rose McIver
21) Alison Brie
22) Aubrey Plaza
23) Dove Cameron
24) Tessa Thompson
25) Michelle Trachtenberg
26) Maisie Richardson-Sellers
27) Emma Stone
28) Lupita Nyong'o
29) Dana DeLorenzo
30) Charli XCX