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Top Tens for 2018


I want to smell dark matter

1) Natalie Portman - It's good that there have been so many Natalie interviews and appearances lately because they are a reminder of the power of Natalie Portman.
2) Kristen Bell - Ring ring!
3) Alison Brie - She continues her recent trend of bringing it.
4) Freema Agyeman - I think she's great.
5) Elle Fanning - I continue to see no reason not to just rank her highly every week.
6) Chloe Grace Moretz - She's been highly cute lately.
7) Tessa Thompson - Great face.
8) Sophie Turner - Continues to be Sophie Turner.
9) Milana Vayntrub - Just show her as Squirrel Girl already, it's not funny making us wait any longer.
10) Jessica Lucas - She is great let's not forget that.
11) Aubrey Plaza - I am a fan of her.
12) Genevieve Buechner - Her face.
13) Zendaya - Seems like one to watch.
14) Dakota Blue Richards - Nice and Blue.
15) Pom Klementieff
16) Olivia Munn
17) Anna Kendrick
18) Bailee Madison
19) Olivia Holt
20) Gal Gadot
21) Emma Lahana
22) Hailee Steinfeld
23) Shannon Woodward
24) Isabelle Fuhrman
25) Katja Herbers
26) Anya Taylor-Joy
27) Asuka
28) Evangeline Lilly


I want to smell dark matter

1) Tessa Thompson - It's good that she's a robot now and will be forever more. A very attractive robot.
2) Natalie Portman - I love Natalie Portman.
3) Alison Brie - Still feeling strongly in favour of Alison Brie being known as one of the best girls, sorry if you disagree!
4) Holly Earl - For real her face is one of the best and deserves to be recognised as such.
5) Milana Vayntrub - She just needs a breakout role (say as Squirrle Girl) to be in the top five every week.
6) Hailee Steinfeld - I like what she's been wearing recently let's put it that way.
7) Sophie Turner - That's how you dress to a wedding.
8) Ivana Baquero - She's having a good summer.
9) Jessica Parker Kennedy - She has moved up to a higher level of goodness recently and I have noticed.
10) Elle Fanning - Lack of new images hurts but she's still Elle Fanning so she's still in the top ten.
11) Genevieve Buechner - One of the nicest girls!
12) Kristen Bell - Still ringing.
13) Jessica Henwick - Highly cute.
14) Maisie Williams - It's good that she's still a part of Mophie and wears glasses.
15) Anna Kendrick
16) Maisie Richardson-Sellers
17) Karen Gillan
18) Malese Jow
19) Rosario Dawson
20) Chloe Grace Moretz
21) Isla Fisher
22) Evangeline Lilly
23) Olivia Holt
24) Natalie Dormer
25) Frankie Adams
26) Tiya Sircar
27) Shannon Woodward
28) Margaret Qualley
29) Michelle Trachtenberg


I want to smell dark matter

1) Emma Roberts - She's actually one of the best girls, I think you'll find.
2) Anna Hopkins - I hope she's in another good tv show which I watch some day!
3) Alison Brie - She has Brielly good eyes.
4) Natalie Portman - I'm feeling very positive about the concept of "Natalie Portman" at the moment.
5) Tessa Thompson - She's Tessa Greatson!
6) Chloe Grace Moretz - I have had Moretz Feelings recently.
7) Genevieve Buechner - I love Genevieve Buechner.
8) Ming-Na Wen - The summer of Wen continues!
9) Olivia Holt - I liked what she wore last week.
10) Talulah Riley - Deserves "actually great" recognition.
11) Elle Fanning - I've had to move her out of the top ten due to lack of images. A sad day.
12) Ellen Wong - She's really cute.
13) Gillian Jacobs - Hey she's Gillian Jacobs.
14) Britt Baron - I like her.
15) Janina Gavankar
16) Eva Green
17) Anya Taylor-Joy
18) Cara Gee
19) Margaret Qualley
20) Hailee Steinfeld
21) Kristen Bell
22) Elizabeth Olsen
23) Frankie Adams
24) Anjl Mohindra
25) Holly Willoughby
26) Lily-Rose Depp
27) Zoey Deutch
28) Natalie Dormer
29) Nadine Nicole
30) Elizabeth Mitchell
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I want to smell dark matter

1) Kat Dennings - Back to the top which is a good and deserving place for her to be!
2) Emma Roberts - Her "one of the best girls" status remains unarguable.
3) Sophie Turner - Her legs take her where she wants to go!
4) Kiernan Shipka - It's great to remember the beautiful face of Kiernan Shipka!
5) Milana Vayntrub - I think possibly the sight of her as Squirrel Girl is so good that it's been decided we aren't worthy of seeing it.
6) Felicity Jones - She's the reason why the word "Felicpretty" was invent (by me!)
7) Anna Hopkins - She's Hotkins.
8) Tessa Thompson - I am a big fan.
9) Elizabeth Olsen - The Lovely Elizabeth Olsen.
10) Agam Darshi - Someone I saw like eight years ago and thought was really nice then forgot about her then saw her again this week and remembered "oh yeah she's really nice."
11) Natalie Portman - I can't remember if I've ever put her on this list before.
12) Karen Gillan - Also owns legs.
13) Ming-Na Wen - She's great.
14) Genevieve Buechner - She's Canadian!
15) Isabelle Fuhrman
16) Malese Jow
17) Elle Fanning
18) Janina Gavankar
19) Brie Larson
20) Tiya Sircar
21) Kairi Sane
22) Gillian Jacobs
23) Freema Agyeman
24) Olivia Holt
25) Rosario Dawson
26) Avril Lavigne
27) Zelina Vega
28) Stephanie Leonidas
29) Michelle Trachtenberg
30) Zelda Williams