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Top Tens for 2018

Eggs Mayonnaise

All In With The Nuts
They announced the show ending a year in advance -- I think that would mean it's over by mutual decision.

Does the CW even have room for another refugee DC show? They're going to have to expand their programming hours.

Also, DC is starting their own streaming site, DC Universe. That could become a factor in the fate of a lot of current shows...

I found this paragraph in a Deadline story about the show ending, but it may just explain why the show got a fifth season instead of being cancelled abruptly after four:

Gotham is an important asset for producer Warner Bros. TV, which has a huge Netflix deal for the show. It was the first SVOD pact for a broadcast series made before its premiere. Estimated to be worth about $1.75 million an episode, it made Netflix the exclusive subscription video on demand home of the Batman prequel in the U.S. as well as in the territories in which the streaming network operates


I want to smell dark matter

1) Elle Fanning - She won the week. She won the world?
2) Natalie Portman - Natalie Portman had one of her best weeks in a long time.
3) Anna Kendrick - I still think she's the best girl but it's a weekly list and Elle and Natalie went the extra mile this week.
4) Kiernan Shipka - Still feeling highly appreciative of Kiernan Shipka's face.
5) Sophie Turner - I like what she's been wearing lately (I'm a big fashion guy!)
6) Camren Bicondova - It's good to remember that she's great.
7) Dove Cameron - Dovely from abovely.
8) Hayley Atwell - Her face is great.
9) Freema Agyeman - It's good how much Freema there's been lately.
10) Brie Larson - She's Marvelous.
11) Milana Vayntrub - I like her a lot.
12) Elizabeth Olsen - She's the Lizziest!
13) Emma Stone - Cold Steve Austin.
14) Melissa Fumero - I like her too.
15) Jessica Lucas
16) Kate Beckinsale
17) Natalie Dormer
18) Lili Reinhart
19) Hailee Steinfeld
20) Emma Roberts
21) Emma Willis
22) Gillian Jacobs
23) Chloe Grace Moretz
24) Zendaya
25) Jenna Coleman
26) Dakota Fanning
27) Sarah Bolger
28) Hana Kimura
29) Zelina Vega
30) Camila Mendes


I want to smell dark matter

1) Natalie Portman - Let's face it, I'm always going to go back to Natalie and Natalie is always going to be Natalie.
2) Elle Fanning - Her legal name is now Lovely Elle Fanning.
3) Anne Hathaway - She's back, folks. Send the word out.
4) Anna Kendrick - Okay she's one of the best girls.
5) Kat Dennings - It's also great to see the face of Kat Dennings again!
6) Freema Agyeman - She's been great lately.
7) Gillian Jacobs - She's Gillian Greatobs!
8) Emma Roberts - There has also been good Emma Roberts content lately which has activated the Emma Roberts centre of my brain.
9) Hailee Steinfeld - The "Haiz Levels" in my brain are also rising.
10) Sophie Turner - It's good about how good she is.
11) Elizabeth Olsen - She's Elizabeth Nicesen!
12) Alice Eve - It's good to see her again.
13) Jessica Henwick - And her!
14) Kiernan Shipka - She's in Shipshape.
15) Dove Cameron
16) Melissa Fumero
17) Peyton Roi List
18) Genevieve Buechner
19) Felicity Jones
20) Karen Gillan
21) Katherine Ryan
22) Anjli Mohindra
23) Chloe Grace Moretz
24) Gemma Arterton
25) Anya Taylor-Joy
26) Jameela Jamil
27) Jessica Chastain
28) Michelle Trachtenberg
29) Lily Collins
30) Maisie Williams


I want to smell dark matter

1) Anna Kendrick - I have found my "Best Girl" and it is Anna Kendrick.
2) Scarlett Johansson - She is definitely back and it's very very good.
3) Kirsten Dunst - She is also back and more Dunsty than ever!
4) Kristen Bell - The Good Place is back in a week!
5) Natalie Portman - Natalie's smile lights up the multiverse.
6) Kat Dennings - Her face.
7) Emma Stone - She has great arms.
8) Freema Agyeman - Freema continues to get more beautiful, which is impressive.
9) Elizabeth Olsen - She's the Lizziest.
10) Milana Vayntrub - Instagram is really good for faces.
11) Elle Fanning - Lovely Elle Fanning continues to live up to her name (she's a Fanning.)
12) Brie Larson - It's good when she punches old ladies.
13) Jessica Lucas
14) Emma Roberts
15) Anjli Mohindra
16) Emilia Clarke
17) Magda Apanowciz
18) Michelle Trachtenberg
19) Chloe Bennet
20) Ivana Baquero
21) Dove Cameron
22) Peyton Roi List
23) Ellen Wong
24) Sarah Bolger
25) Olivia Munn
26) Alice Eve
27) Jessica Henwick
28) Alison Brie
29) Jessica Chastain
30) Tatiana Maslany


I want to smell dark matter

1) Kirsten Dunst - On further reflection, she deserves a number one ranking.
2) Elle Fanning - She's probably the cutest human.
3) Anna Kendrick - I love Anna Kendrick.
4) Sophie Turner - More like Hot Phoenix?
5) Emma Stone - I find her really attractive and also she's a really good actress who I like to watch acting.
6) Natalie Portman - She is Natalie Portman.
7) Freema Agyeman - Her face is top level.
8) Elizabeth Olsen - There's been a lot of good videos of her lately (see thread.)
9) Scarlett Johansson - I am still ProScarJo at the moment!
10) Emma Roberts - I am a strong liker of Emma Roberts.
11) Anne Hathaway - She has a great face.
12) Kiernan Shipka - She's the Kikiest.
13) Milana Vayntrub - I like her.
14) Lily-Rose Depp - More like Lily-Rose Great!
15) Anna Hopkins
16) Anjli Mohindra
17) Ivana Baquero
18) Hailee Steinfeld
19) Melissa Fumero
20) Dove Cameron
21) Nathalie Emmanuel
22) Tina Desai
23) Joey King
24) Camren Bicondova
25) Zendaya
26) Jessica Chastain
27) Zoe de Grand'Maison
28) Holly Willoughby
29) Mary Elizabeth Winstead
30) Lili Reinhart


I want to smell dark matter

1) Elle Fanning - She's actually threatening to dominate the female celebrity world.
2) Kiernan Shipka - The season of the Shipka has begun.
3) Kat Dennings - I hope this is the start of the great Kat Dennings comeback of 2018.
4) Sophie Turner - She continues to be good on a high level of being good.
5) Anna Kendirck - More like Anna Cuteduck!
6) Emma Stone - I am into Emma Stone at the moment.
7) Freema Agyeman - She's been great lately.
8) Amanda Seyfried - She's back and it must be acknowledged.
9) Emma Roberts - Also a great Emma!
10) Kristen Bell - She is small!
11) Magda Apanowicz - Has that Magda Face.
12) Lily-Rose Depp - She's on the rise.
13) Anne Hathaway - Also has a face! I like faces!
14) Natalie Portman - Will always be Natalie Portman.
15) Elizabeth Olsen
16) Jessica Henwick
17) Milana Vayntrub
18) Danielle Panabaker
19) Jessica Parker Kennedy
20) Ivana Baquero
21) Bailee Madison
22) Melissa Fumero
23) Anjli Mohindra
24) Chloe Grace Moretz
25) Jameela Jaiml
26) Nicole de Boer
27) Kairi Sane
28) Avril Lavigne
29) Cara Gee
30) Zelina Vega


I want to smell dark matter

1) Anna Kendrick - She is very very very likely to be the best girl.
2) Freema Agyeman - Freema is really strongly on the rise as of late with her face!
3) Kiernan Shipka - The Era of Shipka is literally just two weeks away!
4) Natalie Portman - She's as beautiful as she is smart (that's a lot.)
5) Emilia Clarke - She's been working in private to develop a strong "best smile" contender of a smile and that work has paid off.
6) Taylor Swift - Taylor Swift is back on top form and it's feel good and right.
7) Kristen Bell - She's great.
8) Elle Fanning - She's sweeter than Kitten Island.
9) Anne Hathaway - Her face is great.
10) Karen Gillan - She's tall.
11) Sophie Turner - So is she!
12) Chloe Grace Moretz - Her face has been on point lately.
13) Kat Dennings - I hope we get more Kat Dennings soon.
14) Alison Brie - She's Brieally great.
15) Ashleigh Brewer
16) Jameela Jamil
17) Lily-Rose Depp
18) Dove Cameron
19) Tessa Thompson
20) Sophie Tweed-Simmons
21) Abigail Breslin
22) Milana Vayntrub
23) Emma Stone
24) Hailee Steinfeld
25) Sabrina Stocker
26) Anjli Mohindra
27) Elizabeth Henstridge
28) Nicole de Boer
29) Amanda Seyfried
30) Zoe de Grand'Maison


I want to smell dark matter

1) Kat Dennings - A new challenger emerges (for the title of "The Best Girl.")
2) Anna Kendrick - She of course remains one of the stongest "The Best Girl" contenders herself.
3) Hayley Atwell - She's back! And great!
4) Elle Fanning - Probably cuter than a planet of kittens.
5) Natalie Portman - Will always be Natalie Portman.
6) Freema Agyeman - It's great about how consistently great she is.
7) Kristen Bell - Her face is super.
8) Kiernan Shipka - Eight days to go!
9) Jameela Jamil - She's reached the level lately where she should be in the literal top ten.
10) Danielle Panabaker - Probably the best Arrowverse girl.
11) Emilia Clarke - Still feeling rabidly pro Emilia Clarke.
12) Milana Vayntrub - She's a top level girl.
13) Candice Patton - Also a top Arrowverse girl contender.
14) Emma Roberts - She's great.
15) Lili Reinhart
16) Ashleigh Brewer
17) Madelaine Petsch
18) Dakota Blue Richards
19) Olivia Munn
20) Elizabeth Olsen
21) Abigail Breslin
22) Ashleigh Murray
23) Hannah Fry
24) Maisie Richardson-Sellers
25) Bailee Madison
26) Charli XCX
27) Keira Knightley
28) Sabrina Stocker
29) Zoe de Grand'Maison
30) Camila Mendes