Transformers thread


Pinata Whacker
I hope the explanation of how he goes from a VW Beetle to a Camaro isn't lame or stupid. Or is this Bumblebee movie going to be a reboot instead of a prequel?


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It's a prequel but I hope they don't bother trying to make it fit with the Michael Bay movies (haven't the transformers been shown to be able to change all modes at will be scanning new vehicles anyway?)


Zombie Hunter
OMG. Finally a live-action Transformers with the classic Transformers and apparently a coherent story that fits with the cartoon instead of the MIchael Bay abomination.

PS: I guess this is, like, the 30th anniversary of the Transformers Movie and they'll be showing it in theaters for 1 night only.


I want to smell dark matter
I read the final issue of Lost Light, the Transformers comic previously known as More Than Meets The Eye. It was great. I remember when I started reading the IDW comics I thought "well I'll give them a try" but MTMTE/LL was a genuinely great comic, Transformers or not. It was about the characters first rather than giant robot action. In fact you could often forget they were giant robots. Sometimes giant gay robots. Anyway IDW is rebooting their entire line of Transformers comics now with all new creative teams and I hope they mange something half as good...


I want to smell dark matter
I saw Bumblebee today! I enjoyed it! It's much more of a family friendly movie than the Bay movies (disclaimer: I've only seen 3 of the Bay movies but I've watched enough YouTube videos to know everything about the other two) and also more of an "actual good movie" than them. The story is a lot smaller with only three robots heavily featured, but that means the human characters have to actually be likable and well acted and they are, especially the great Hailee Steinfeld as the lead. There's actual solid charater work with her and Bee. I appreciated how Bee kind of had PTSD after the war on Cybertron and she helped him get over it. I liked how he put his mask down when he had to do some killing but then took it off and went all nice and friendly with Hailee. It is a bit light on action but the robot fights we get are good and all easy to follow (you can even tell the characters apart!) It's good that someone realised a Transformers movie doesn't need racism, sexism and homophobia when it can just have a heart instead!

On the weaker side it's obvious that the budget was a lot lower than the Bay movies. The Cybertron scenes are good (Wheeljack!) but over very quickly. There's one part where Optimus is captured by Decepticons but then he just shows up at the end (as his classic G1 truck!) and we don't find out how he got away. The little brother character was a bit annoying and while it's gently amusing it's not as funny as say a Marvel movie or anything. Ther'es lots of cliches. But yeah this was a very good start to what is hopefully a new direction for the Transformers and I got to see Ravage eject from Soundwave.