Trump Administration's Space Force To Be Christened "Starfleet".

The news cycle once this hits CNN, NBC, MSNBCPUSA, et al. is going to be almost as good as when Trump won. The howls of nerd rage might even set off a sonic resonance that triggers the "big one" and relieves us all of the drain that is California.

Eggs Mayonnaise

All In With The Nuts
They're not falling for the "Hey look up in the sky!" trick -- they are all too busy reporting on how the GOP syndicate is taking its last shots at thwarting justice and covering up their crimes, before the whole house of cards comes crashing down.
The sixth branch of the military "will never exist" in exactly the way that Donald J. Trump "will never be elected President."

They keep telling us what's impossible. He keeps going right on and doing the impossible.


I'm not wearing any panties!!
1) It can't be the 6th branch of the military as there are only 4. The Coast Guard is a Uniformed Service, not a military branch. Although assets (including personnel) transferred to the Navy during times of war.

2) A branch can't be created by Executive Order. It's that simple. We'll see how the midterms end up, but it might not be the cake walk some seem to think it will be.

3. I'm personally not opposed to having a Space Force. But the Air Force already has that covered so instead of a new branch, just transfer the Air Force's fixed and rotary wing assets back to the Army, Army transfers it heavy rockets to the Air Force, Air Force renamed Space Force.
1. Who cares.

2. The EO didn't create it. The EO directed those who can create it to begin the processes necessary to set its creation in motion.

3. Nobody here cares how a Commie like you feels about it. So nyer. :p