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A log. Spam will be eradicated. All posts will be eradicated. Rather than make me repost every post once I'm done, plz refrain from posting or create a discussion thread. Or don't. Thank you in advance.

Caretaker wasn't that bad. The Kazon still look like they belong in TOS.


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1.3 Parallax

An anomaly already? Well it was sort of interesting. The Marquis/Starfleet tension has potential, I WONDER if it will be properly fleshed out. B'Lanny is a little girlish.


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1.4 Time and Again

Yet another anomaly. Planetary destruction is always cool. BTW there is a power source that is terrific but can wipe out your planet at any time. I never saw this episode but fell asleep to it just the same. Tom Paris looks like a giant baby from an 80's horror film. Food of the Gods!


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1.5 Phage

Whoops! Neelix lost his lungs. The Vidiians are not bad as far as races go. Janeway looked like she had a small football shoved up her ass when she held back the tears upon hearing the Vidiians' story. This is the second time she's gotten inches away from someone's face and rehashed the technobabble in excitement.


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1.6 The Cloud

The first mention of Indian Mysticism. BARF. The crew explore a nebula that's actually a living organism. Chakotay's (remember him?) mentioning that B'lanny tried to kill her animal guide made me giggle. Other than that, this episode sucked.


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1.7 Eye of the Needle

Voyager encounters a wormhole that let's them communicate with home. Pretty good episode! The Doc's subplot meshed well when it turned out he couldn't be transported back. All of the techno-plot developments came at a good pace. Why couldn't they all be as bearable? Janeway's usual exaggerated acting I can still do without.

EDIT: Yes, the tiny temporal wormhole ep. It would have been a good way to add a Romulan to the crew!


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1.8 Ex Post Facto

Tom Paris commits a crime, the proof lying in the memory of the victim (It's faked, of course). A recycled plot. The relationship he had with the jailbait victim's wife isn't interesting enough to warrant any attention. This is ep where the cast gets too comfortable and 'smiley' for my tastes. "Oh, ambassador, we put babies on spikes all the time!," Janeway said as she chuckled and smiled, and looked at Chakotay who was smiling too.

Meh out of Great

PS Voyager's first onscreen contact with a major civilization was very underwhelming.


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1.9 Emanations

A civilization's death ritual involves sending their bodies through a magic technoportal. Harry Kim (Voyager's token Fat Kid) was unlucky enough to be at the destination and got sucked back through it after someone reversed the polarity. The natives think he's from the afterlife. Absolutely nothing worth remembering about this episode aside from the annoyingly-silly plastic contraption they used for the technoportal. It's hard not to notice it bouncing around as it's being 'activated'. It might as well be an old black & white with spaceships on a piece of string.

Yet another gag-inducing encounter with a benign race.

SubMeh / Great


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1.10 Prime Factors

Janeway needs to stop making her exaggerated 'actress' expressions. She has a face like Dylan McDermott and as soon as the episode starts she's showing it already. Naturally she's making them at a member of a wonderful new species (actually the same species with a different name and makeup - utterly forgettable in any event). It turns out they have wonderful technology that could send Voyager home lickety-split. WILL IT HAPPEN????????

Neelix is 'cool' compared to these races. Seska is kind of hot when she delivers her "Let's stop wasting time and rip the tech out of their hands" no-nonsense speech. She certainly has more personality than everyone else put together, with the exception of Tuvok who is turning out to be a reliably solid character.

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1.11 State of Flux

Someone from Voyager gave the Kazon technology. The polarity got reversed and the ship trying to install the tech exploded somewhat. The rest is a cat-and-mouse game to find out whodunit. Since I already knew who was responsible before I ever saw this ep I'll never give a proper review but it seemed to be slightly more interesting than the average ep.

This season has very, very few redeeming features at all. If this episode was meant to start an arc or create some active menace that hounds Voyager, it failed. The Kazon suck.

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^Why? Because it was too ambitious.
1.12 Heroes and Demons

Holodeck episode. Yeah, one of those. Voyager is collecting particles which causes the polarity there to get reversed. Now, the Holodeck has 'real' vikings and Grendels.

Because the holoscenario is not the USA in that wretched 1920-1940 period the episode already earns a plus. The Doctor gets to save the day. As sad as it is, The Doctor is more interesting than Tom 'Babyface' Paris, Harry 'The Fat Kid' Kim, Remember Chakotay and Little Red Riding Kes. Those are about as generic as characters get and are all redshirts as far as I'm concerned.

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1.13 Cathexis

The polarity gets reversed, this time in Chakotay's head due to alien influence. He becomes brain dead. By sheer coincidence people on the ship start acting funny (They are temporarily controlled by an alien force and start sabotaging their own ship) and Kes has a feeling like someone is 'there in the room' with her. What could this strange force be?

While the plot is that awful and that transparent, seeing Tuvok run around trying to figure out whatdunit wasn't so bad. I'm telling you, Tuvok and the Doctor are where it's at.

I've fallen asleep to this episode twice. If I didn't fast forward just now to watch the relevant clips I'd never post about it.

Sleepmeh / Great


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1.14 Faces

BAY'Lanna, as they call her throughout the first season, gets kidnapped by the Vidiians, the only 'cool' race thus far shown. Their chief surgeon... ohgawd... splits her klingon and human 'sides' into two halves. The former is resistant to the Phage and so he wants teh genes.

I never found B'lanna very attractive. Her human side looks good, though. I think the producers also realized this and were toying with the idea of making her human.

OK / Great
(^I fell asleep and sort of watched clips now to remind myself of it. That might explain the high mark)