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He just used the hollodeck to see her cleavage.

Seriously, how does that work? Is it holocleavge? Did the holodeck remove her original clothes and put fake clothes over her?


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Shakaar - Sisko thinks he's good at darts but O'Brien easily beats him. Sisko then has to inform Kira that the First Minister of Bajor has died and the Provisional Governmen has appointed Kai Winn as the new First Minister. That's a pretty weird thing for them to do! Winn is seen as a hero for signing the peace treaty with Cardassian but Kira knows Bariel was the one who really made it happen. Winn comes to see Kira and throws her usual shade before telling Kira that Shakaar, the leader of her old resistence cell, has stolen some reclamators (farm equipment) and she needs Kira to get them back. Can't the Federation just replicate some new reclamators for them? Anyway it's like we're back in season one again as Kira returns to Bajoran farmland. Also Shakaar is the ghost who raped Crusher that one time. O'Brien beats Dax at darts too. Quark is taking bets on O'Brien's matches as he's seemingly unbeatable. Kira predictably has a good time talking about the past with Shakaar and other old friends (there's a guy with one arm.) Kira tries to convince Shakaar that it's important Bajor be able to export food again (yawn) but Shakaar says it's more important to feed their own people. Kira wants to arrange a meeting between him and Winn and he agrees to it.

Kira goes to see Winn and tells her to compromise with Shakaar. Winn seems to agree but is obvously up to something. The next day some soldiers show up to arrest Shakaar and Kira joins him in attacking them and going on the run. They go hiding in some caves and plan to head into the mountains, picking upmore rebel farmers. O'Brien is beating a Vulcan at darts but his shoulder improbably pops out when he reaches for his drink. Bashir says he needs surgery. The Vulcan wins by forfeit and Quark has to pay out. Winn seeks Sisko's help. She's declared martial war and Shakaar is growing in popularity all over Bajor. Yep, Winn's a terrible First Minister! She wants Sisko to bring in Shakaar with a Federation security force but of course he won't do it. She threatens to withdraw Bajor's application for entry into the Federation. Kira and her farmers run from soldiers in the hills. Kira recognises the Colonel in charge as being an old resistance member too. She and Shakaar can't bring themselves to fire on him and surrender. The Colonel is a reasonable man and willing to negotiate. He brings Kira and Shakaar to Winn. Shakaar tells Winn he's entering the election for First Minister and everyone will support him and Winn's got no chance of winning. Kira says nobody will trust her again if the truth comes out so she should let Shakaar have what he wants. O'Brien finds he isn't good at darts anymore after his surgery. But Bashir is surprisingly good at darts (HMM, I WONDER WHY.)

Okay I find the way the main plot is set up quite contrived. Bajor has always seemed to keep its government and religion seperate before this episode. Winn had to influence others behind the scenes in the past to achieve political gains because she had no power herself. But now they just suddenly make the Kai the First Minister with no explanation? Yeah there's that bit about her being seen as a hero but she's obviously not qualified for the job and is terrible at it so it never rings true. The stuff with Kira back home really does feel like a repeat of that season one episode with the old man, except that was better. Shakaar isn't particularly interesting as a character. The B-story is weird as it really feels like O'Brien and Bashir are lying about him needing shoulder surgery as a way to get him out of having to play darts for Quark, but that's never revealed in the episode so I can only assume he really was injured by reaching for his drink. Which is weird. It's a weirdly written episode. It's not even bad or anything, just weird.

SCORE: 6/10


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Facets - Nog is trying to get into a special prep course for Starfleet Academy. Quark still doesn't approve of him joining Starfleet. Dax asks all the main characters (and Leeta because there's only two regular female characters) to join her in a weird Trill ritual: the seven of them will be have the memories of her previous hosts imprinted onto them so Jadzia can meet Dax's former hosts. Yep, Trills have previously unmentioned telepathic abilities. Quark doesn't want to take part until she wanks his ears. Kira takes on the personality of Dax's first host (Leela) so Nana Visitor gets the chance to overact (a chance she's always willing to take!) Jadzia learns that she holds her hands behind her back because of this host (okay but when she had Leela's memories still in her she would have known this anyway, surely?) Tobin bites his nails in O'Brien's body. Leeta is the gymnast host and stretches. Quark is one of the girl hosts and brushes Jadzia's hair. Julian is a host who died young and likes eating. Sisko takes on Joran (the murderous host) inside a holding cell...and Avery Brooks does some really terrible acting. We saw Joran earlier this season (Hey remember when his memories were going to change Dax's personality? That didn't happen) and he didn't act like this at all. He was just an angry guy who killed someone, not a Hannibal Lecter type. He bangs his head against the forcefield and pretends to be Sisko again so Jadzia will let him out. She beats him up and he turns back into Sisko.

Rom had Garak make a Cadet's uniform for Nog. Aww. Odo takes on Curzon and shifts his face and hair to look more like him. He goes to see Sisko right away rather than talk to Jadzia. Because Odo's a shapeshifter he had a lot of Odo's personality too. Curzon/Odo goes to scare Quark by kissing him. Jadzia wants to talk about important things but Curzon just wants to get drunk and fuck with Ferengi. Nog fails his spatial orientation exam. Jadzia wants to know why Curzon washed her out of the Initiate Program and why he didn't object when she reapplied. He says he felt sorry for her. Jadzia feels like she doesn't have his respect and when she gets his memories back she'll feel it ever worse. Curzon says he and Odo have decided that Curzon will stay in Odo's body so Jadzia doesn't need to worry. Jadzia admits to Sisko that she's scared of Curzon because she always looked up to him. Sisko says he loved Curzon but sometimes he was a dick and needed telling so. Rom confronts Quark, knowing that Quark rigged the Holodeck so that Nog would fail the exam. He threatens to burn the bar to the ground if Quark ever fucks with his son again. Jadzia goes and demands her memories back. Curzon finally admits that he was in love with Jadzia and that's why he washed her out, then let her back in because he felt guilty. Jazia convinces him to give the memories back so they can be together through Dax. Nog passes his exam and orders a root beer.

The Dax story here confuses me. Jadzia has always had perfect recall of her previous hosts' memories before, as far as I can tell. She has those memories removed here then "learns" things about herself from her former hosts. But the thing she learns are surely things she knows normally anyway and she only forgot them because she had the memories removed. So it's kind of pointless? Surely she already knew Curzon's secret, unless the Curzon part of Dax repressed it or something? Anyway, the first half of the episode is really light with only the terrible Sisko as Joran scene standing out. It does get better once Curzon is in Odo and they have some good scenes together. The Nog subplot feels meatier than the main plot again. It's a pretty forgettable episode really!

SCORE: 6.5/10


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The Adversary - Sisko is promoted to Captain and there's a party (Quark's there for some reason!) Ambassador Krajensky takes him aside to tell him there's been a coup on the Tzenkethi homeworld and he needs the Defiant there to remind them that they shouldn't fuck with the Federation. O'Brien hears a strange bumping in Engineering. The Defiant heads to the Tzenkethi border (Kira goes too and wonder what her official position on the Defiant actually is?) O'Brien hears more strange bumping but it's just Julian crawling arround the Jefferies Tubes (weirdo.) Eddington tells Sisko that it was about time he got promoted. He makes a kind of weird statement about how he'll never be a Captain because he's in security. The Defiant picks up a distress call from a Federation starship on the border but then loses contact. They can't get through to Starfleet Command either. O'Brien and Dax find a weird device made out of evil looking straws behind a panel. They're all over the ship and are taking over every critical system. Someone onboard is a saboteur and O'Brien remembers Julian acting shifty in the tubes. Dax can scan for a weird technobabble particle that if detected will prove who the saboteur is. Bashir comes up clean (and tells O'Brien he was never in the tubes.) But the particle is detected on the Ambassador who smiles evil and flies off through a vent. He's a changeling. The Dominion is trying to start a war beteen the Federation and the Tzenkethi and the whole mission was faked by them (there was no coup or attack.)

Odo turns down Eddington's offer of a phaser because he doesn't like them and because no changeling has ever harmed an other. O'Brien finds Dax knocked out by the changeling (or is O'BRIEN the changeling? OR IS DAX?) Everyone's partnered up so they can keep an eye on each other and Kira gets stuck with a paranoid Bolian. Sisko finds the Changeling in a tube and chases it. There's a face off between Sisko, Kira and the Bolian as none of them know who the changeling is (Odo shows up to punch the Bolian.) Sisko is bleeding and Odo knows that means he can't be the changeling. They can take blood from everyone to tell who's humanoid. Bashir takes blood from everyone and Eddington's turns into changeling good. Eddington seems surprised about this. But in reality Bashir was the Changeling and faked the test (I love how the changeling does an evil smile every time it's uncovered.) Changelings sure like impersonating Bashir! Since they've arrived at Tzenkethi space Sisko has no choice but to begin the auto destruct sequence. O'Brien is working on a device to deactivate the evil straws (a side effect is it will disable the protective field around the warp core) but two Odos show up to confuse him. O'Brien says he has more important things to do than "play choose the changeling" which is an underrated great O'Brien moment. He activates his device and Odo and the changeling fight. Odo throws him into the exposed warp core. The changeling goes all flaky and dies. War is averted and back at the station Odo reveals the changeling said "we're everywhere" to him before he died.

Once again DS9 goes for a one part finale, rather than having a big cliffhanger (other than Odo's final line) And the episode can perhaps feel slightly underwhelmning since we've never heard of the Tzenkethi before and we never even see any of their ships in this episode (and really there's chance the Federation is going to go to war with some barely known race. It would be like going to war with the Breen or something!) In fact it's a bottle episode taking place entirely on the Defiant and briefly the station. FORTUNATELY it's a very well directed, exciting and tense bottle episode. There's about five or six different "WHO'S THE CHANGELING?" scenes and somehow they're all a lot of fun! Odo's struggle with having to kill the changeling is very well done too and it's satisfying to see Sisko promoted to Captain at the start as I think everyone liked Sisko by this point (some wonky acting in the previous episode aside.) So yeah this is actually a strong episode even though it's not a spectacular 'Best of Both World's type finale.

SCORE: 8.5/10

So, seasone three is definitely the best season yet. All the characters feel "right" now. They're all used well throughout the season (well I guess Jake could have been used more.) BUT, while seasons one and two were better than seasons one and two of TNG, this season is not better than season three of TNG. So while DS9 has improved a lot since the start it hasn't quite improved as much as TNG had by this point. So what's the solution? Bring on a popular TNG character as a new regular? Introduce him in a double length season opener with a jazzy new opening sequence and the Klingons as the new big threat? I'D LIKE TO SEE ALL THAT HAPPEN...


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I think they did a great job of making the changeling feel scary in The Adversary. We're very used to Odo's sluggish transformation, having a guy just morph+jump up in a flash was bracing.


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The Way of the Warrior - SISKO IS BALD. He and Kira are hunting a changeling on the station. It's just Odo; they're doing a changeling hunt drill. They're not very good at catching him. Sisko has a date with Kasidy Yates (she approves of his smooth head.) They're interrupted by the new Klingon flagship arriving at the station and a General Martok(!) wanting to talk to Sisko. He asks if his men and come onboard...then a whole fleet of Klingon ships decloaks. NEW TITLES: the music's more exciting! You can see little men climbing the pylons! Michael Dorn's name is there for some reason! And the Defiant flies through the wormhole at the end. They're good changes, though the music sounds a bit jarring listening to it for the first time in a while. Quark tells O'Brien and Bashir he's worried that the Klingons are being too quiet. Andrew Robinson gets a well deserved "special guest star" credit. Martok insists on blood testing Sisko and Kira before talking to them. He says the Klingons are here to help fight against the Dominion. Kira goes to the holosuite with Dax but doesn't enjoy it because it's not real. She totally kills the mood by bringing up the Occupation. Odo and Garak have breakfast (following up from last season!) and Odo shows off how he can pretend to be drinking when he's really just eating his own body. Garak has heard worrying rumours of uprisings on Cardassia. They stop some Klingons from beating up Morn (the jerks.) They beat Garak up at his shop later. Kasidy's freighter is tractor beamed by Klingons. The Commander tells Sisko he's searching for shapeshifters under Gowron's orders. The Defiant prepares to fire but the Klingons back down. Martok walks into Sisko's office and slams a knife down on his desk. Dax explains that Martok had the Klingon commander who held Kasidy's ship executed for disobeying orders. The Klingons are out of control and the only person who can handle Klingons is another Klingon...

It's Worf! From Star Trek: The Next Generation! This is after Generations so the Enterprise is gone and Worf's been on extended leave in a monestary (he's a real party dude.) He's considering resigning from Starfleet but will do his duty as Sisko's Klingon expert. He orders a prune juice and Quark laughs at him. He aggressively plays darts with O'Brien and Bashir and is introduced to Kira and Dax who are still playing Holosuite games and wearing silly clothes. Dax flirts with him but that'll probably never go anywhere. He beats up Martok's dick son and steals his knife. Martok comes to see him and Worf confronts him with his recent dishonourable behaviour (the hosue of Martok is supposed to be an hounourable one.) Worf fights Skeletor in the holosuite and Dax comes to join him (it's her program.) They have a bat'leth fight to get to know each other. No one on the homeworld will talk to Worf but Dax suggests going to someone who owes him a favour and he drinks, sings with and headbutts an old friend of his father's. He tells Worf the Klingons are here for a glorious battle. Worf and Odo meet for the first time (Odo has been spying on him because that's what he does.) They don't get on as well as Worf and Dax. Worf reveals what he's learned to Sisko: there's been a coup on Cardassia and the Klingons believe the Dominion are behind it. They're going to attack Cardassia to protect the rest of the quadrant. Sisko confronts Martok who reveals they don't actually know anything for sure but they're goin to attack Cardassia anyway. The Federation oppose this, of course. The Klingon ships leave the station and head straight for the Cardassian Empire. The Federation can't warn the Cardassians because the Klingons are still the Federation's allies. But who knows who'll be next after the Klingons attack the Cardassians? Could be the Federation. So Sisko invites Garak to the Wardroom to measure him for a new suit, while they discuss details of the Klingon attack on Cardassia. It's a great moment. Garak then contacts Dukat to warn him and we get some good Garak/Dukat banter.

Gowron (and his crazy eyes) makes a surprise appearance at the station wanting to see Worf. He greets him like an old friend: he wants Worf to come with him to Cardassia and win glory in battle. Of course Worf refuses because of his oath to Starfleet and Gowron tells him he's turned his back on him and won't be welcome in the Klingon Empire anymore. Yep, Worf's house has once again lost its honour after taking several seasons of TNG to win it back. O'Brien joins Worf for a drink and they talk about old times on the Enterprise (they couldn't get the Holodecks working right!) Wof is resigning from Starfleet and he's definitely not changing his mind this time. Sisko won't accepted his resignation yet. Sisko tries to contact the Cardassian Civilian Government...and gets Dukat. He's the military advisor to the new government. Sisko offers to rescue the members of the Cardassian government from the Klingons. Just as Sisko's leaving to do this he hears from Kasidy that she's leaving the station soon, but promises to meet up with her soon. (They mention that the Defiant's cloaking device isn't meant to be used in the Alpha Quadrant and decide just not to tell the Romulans.) They find Dukat's ship under attack. Sisko has no choice but to give the order to decloak and attack the Klingons to save the Cardassians. The Defiant destroys a couple of Birds of Prey in a nice action scene but a bigger Klingon ship shows up. Worf uses a clever tractor beam trick on it while the Defiant has to lower its shields and beam the Cardassians over. The Defiant's new ablative armour doesn't hold up but they head back to the station chased by Klingons. Bashir blood tests Dukat and the others (there's nice continuity with Bashir still having little tolerance for Dukat after 'Cardassians' back in season two.)

We get the classic "root beer" scene between Quark and Garak back on the station (I think I posted this in the "Things You Love About Star Trek" thread!) Showing these alien perspectives on the Federation is something DS9 does very well. The Defiant arrives back at the station as do dozens of Klingon ships. Starfleet is sending a relief force but of course they won't get here in time. Sisko oders "BATTLE STATIONS" and we get scenes of everyone preparing for the Kingon attack: Odo warns Bashir that the Klingons won't hesitate to kill a doctor, Quark finds that Rom has dismantled his phaser, Garak goes to protect the Cardassian Council members with Dukat (more fun bickering!) Gowron and Martok ask for the Cardassians to be turned over, not caring now if they're changelings or not. The Klingons attack and the station's new weapons system is activated. Lots of Klingon ships explode. But the Klingons fight back and stuff starts exploding on the station and Klingons beam into Ops and the Promenade. Lots of Odo's security guys (hey, where's Eddington?) die. Bashir saves Odo's life. The fight in Ops is a bit of a stretch as it's kind of hard to buy Kira beating up huge Klingons (not being sexist!) but she does get stabbed pretty quickly so I'll allow it. O'Brien nearly dies but Worf saves him (and does some nifty stabbing moves.) Garak and Dukat fight back to back in a cool moment. Starfleet is on its way but Martok vows the Klingons won't surrender. Sisko and Worf make passionate please to Gowron and he finally stands down despite Martok's protests (this Martok guy really wants a war, huh.) Sisko goes to see Worf and make one last attempt at talking him out of leaving. He tells Sisko that he nearly quit after his wife's death but the only way to get rid of the pain is to face it. Of course Worf really wants to stay and becomes the new Strategic Operations Officer (in a red command uniform!) Dax tells Sisko that the Klingons are here to stay (in Cardassian space) but Sisko says "AND SO ARE WE."

It's almost a second pilot episode, with a new threat (Klingons!) introduced and no mention at all of Bajor joining the Federation or anything like that. Worf joins and he fits in pretty well. Obviously it's an attempt to get some TNG viewers watching DS9 but of everyone in TNG he fits in best here. There's a lot in this episode but it doesn't really feel too long. Okay, maybe they could have cut some scenes like Kira and Dax on the Holosuite, but a lot of the early scenes are there to introduce the characters to new viewers. And the episode delivers on the action in the end: have we ever seen as many ships as when the Klingon fleet is attacking in the station? Okay, maybe in 'The Die is Cast' but this feels bigger. The writing is great throughout giving everyone some great character moments (that Quark/Garak scene!) and really the only bit I kind of got bored was when Worf started talking about his family's honour and his conflicted loyalties again. That feels a bit too familiar because we got so much of it in TNG, but it's an important part of Worf's character and it's necessary to let new viewers know what he's all about. It's a great start to the season.

SCORE: 9.5/10


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The Visitor - A young woman (Rachel Robinson, daughter of Andrew) shows up at the house of an aged Jake Sisko (Tony Todd.) He's her favourite author of all time, but he's only published two books and she wants to know why. He says he'll tell her the story. It started when he was eighteen and his father died. We see the story in flashbacks as he tells it. Ben took Jake in the Defiant to see the womrhole undergo a "subspace inversion." Jake just wants to write. Something goes wrong and Ben has to realign the warp coils to save the ship. A strange blast hits him and Jake from the warp core and Ben disappears. Time goes by but Jake still isn't over it. Nog leaves him to join Starfleet Academy. One night Jake sees his father at the bottom of his bed, but only for a moment. Everyone thinks it's a dream even though this is Star Trek. As the years go on things get worse with the Klingons (and Kira's new uniform debuts!) and Bajor enters a pact with the Cardassians. The civilians leave the station but Jake sticks around. He tells Kira the station is all he has left of his dad. Ben appears to him again and this time he sticks around long enough for Dax and the others to examine him and prove his real. He's been "pulled into subspace" and will soon be sucked back unless they can get him into "temporal alignment." Jake is sad he didn't believe Ben was really back the last time and then has to watch him disappear again. In the present day the old Jake tells the girl that he's dying but then brushes it off.

Young Jake has to leave the station as the situation with the Klingons gets even worse. He's Tony Todd now and he marries a Bajoran woman. They live in New Orleans and Nog is a Commander in Starfleet. The Klingons have agreed to let Starfleet go through the wormhole again (no one's heard from the Dominion in years.) Jake's just won a writing prize and seems to be doing well. But then his father appears again. He gets to meet Jake's wife and is proud of his writing success. Jake starts crying because he feels like he gave up on Ben by getting on with his life. Ben tells him he's done nothing wrong but disappears again. Jake and Dax have found a pattern to Ben's appearances and Jake goes back to school aged thirty seven to study subspace mechanics. His wife is supportive but he gets so caught up in his work that their marriage eventually ends. The wormhole is going through another aversion and CAPTAIN Nog takes Jake, Jadzia and Bashir (they're all old!) to it in the Defiant. Is O'Brien supposed to be dead? Maybe! Dax tries to make Ben appear using technobabble but instead Jake is sucked into subspace with him. Ben is sad that Jake has become obsessed with bringing him back and isn't living his own life. Ben wants Jake to let go of him. Jake ends up back on the Defiant without him. Jake eventually realised that the link between himself and his father was what kept pulling him into the future, but if he managed to break that link Ben could go back to the time of the aciddent. Jake has to "cut the cord" by killing himself. He makes Melanie (I don't know if he said her name earlier) promise to stick her head up from her books now and then and not miss out on life like he did. Ben appears one more time, meeting his old man son. He doesn't want Jake to kill himself but it's too late. Jake tells him to dodge the energy discharge from the warp (always good advice.) Ben goes back to the past and avoids the warp core. He breaks down crying hugging Jake.

Yeah just try to watch this episode without crying. I DARE YOU. It gives you the same ind of feelings as TNG's 'The Inner Light' but it's its own unique story about grief and loss and not being able to let go. Cirroc Lofton does his best acting ever in the first half and Tony Todd is just great as the older Jake. The relationship between the Siskos has always felt real since the start and has always been where Avery Brooks has been at his best. It's science fiction at its best, using fantastical elements to tells a story about real human emotions.

SCORE: 10/10


I'll agree with you, The Visitor is one of the best Trek episodes with a pure sci fi edge to it. Tony Todd shows what a fecking brilliant actor he was, and the otherwise potentially hokey premise is played with ideal empathy to the end.


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I guess its an episode that hits home to anyone who has lost a father, and spent the rest of their lives wishing they could see them again.

And still a damm fine episode for everyone else too.


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Hippocratic Oath - Worf (hey, Worf's in DS9 now! It wasn't a dream!) is watching Quark and a known criminal. He suggest to Kira that Odo should have locked Quark up by now. O'Brien and Bashir are on their way back from the GQ and O'Brien wishes Keiko was more like Bashir (tumblr explodes.) They try to help a crashed ship on a planet but end up crashing too...and are taken prisoner by the Jem'Hadar. Worf goes whining about Odo to Sisko like a big sissy. The Jem'Hadar take Julian and Miles prisoner instead of killing them and Bashir suspects they need a doctor. Indeed the Jem'Hadar leader explains to Bashir that they are trying to escape the Vorta and leave the Dominion and they need him to help them get off Ketarecal-White (possibly the first time that's been mentioned by name? I should pay more attention!), the drug the Vorta control them with. The leader himself doesn't take the drug anymore (after being stranded without it on this planet) so he believes it's possible for his friend to live without it too. Bashir agrees to help but the leader tells him they only have five days before the White runs out and his men kill everyone. Worf keeps telling Odo how to do his job. O'Brien has a secret plan to escape (there's a funny bit where Bashir tells him to keep up the good work and he'll make a fine officer one day, because the Jem'Hadar are watching.) The Jem'Hadar rumble O'Brien's plan but the leader won't let him be killed. He won't let one of his injured men be executed either. He's a big softy!

Worf spies on Quark buying something from the criminal and runs off to Odo, accusing him of not doing his duty. Odo, of course, won't just tell him that he has a plan. Like he's withholding information for the sake of the plot! (I was going to make an Odo/Admiral Holdo (HOL-ODO?) joke here but don't want a pointless TLJ argument to break out in this thread! Also the two situations probably aren't the same anyway, the TLJ had good things and bad thingds about it, I'll post an overly long Star Wars Reflections thread next year look out for it!) The Jem'Hadar leader is interested to know that Bashir is friends with Odo and begins to question his own belief in the Founders as Gods. O'Brien thinks this is all a ploy and they should just escape instead of helping. They have a classic Trekkian argument about helping the enemy. Bashir pulls rank on him but O'Brien still beams himself into the woods at the first opportunity. Bashir can't find anything about the planet that could cure the Jem'Hadar of their addiction and suggests that maybe the leader was simply born immune. The Jem'Hadar's men lose faith in him and don't believe there's a cure but Bashir promises to keep working on it if he protects O'Brien. Worf jumps in and tries to arrest Quark but it was actually a sting operation and Odo was disguised as a bag of drugs or whatever. Odo let Worf's investigation go on as a cover for his more important work trying to get to the head of the criminal organisation but he has to settle for the dealer instead. O'Brien uses makeshift traps to evade the Jem'Hadar and goes to rescue Julian. He want to stay to cure the addiction. O'Brien thinks the other Jem'Hadar will just kill him anyway so he destroys Bashir's research. The leader (who I must say is very understanding for a Jem'Hadar) lets them go anyway. He stays behind to kill all his men (who are in a drug-crazed rage now) to put them out of their misery. Worf goes to Sisko and tells him he fucked up. Sisko tells him he'll fit in eventually. Bashir understands why O'Brien did what he did but they'll need a few days apart (guess O'Brien will just have to do something boring like have sex with his wife in the meantime.)

This is an episode I didn't remember at all, but it's actually good! O'Brien and Bashir both act in character so their conflict doesn't feel forced at all. Neither of them end up looking bad and you can understand where they were coming from. The Odo/Worf plot is...okay. Kind of makes Worf look a bit silly but really Odo was kind of a jerk for trying to use him as part of his scheme. Anyway this is a good episode even if you might forget it twenty years after you first watched it.

SCORE: 8/10

Indiscretion - An old smuggler friend of Kira's tells her he has a lead on a missing ship she's been trying to find for six years. Kira is ready to go but Sisko tells her that the Cardassians don't want her going alone as it was a Cardassian ship (carrying Bajoran prisoners.) Kasidy is always running off and doesn't get to spend much time with Sisko, but she could be about to get a job that would mean she can stay on the station (Dax's suggestion.) The Cardassian representative who will accompany Kira arrives on the station and it is, of course, Dukat. Kira admits to him that she's looking for the man who recruited her to the Resistance. Dukat does his usual thing of telling her he admires her and argues that the Occupation helped make the Bajorans a stronger people. Kasidy accuses Sisko of not wanting her to live on the station and being afraid of commitment. Dukat and Kira meet with her smuggler friend and he leads them to a barely habitable planet in a far off system. Kira and Dukat walk through the desert and find the crashed ship. Dax, Bashir and Quark all give Sisko advice on how to treat women (Quark: "WOMEN ARE THE ENEMY.") Dukat and Kira find twelve graves but there were many more people on the ship. Dukat doesn't want her seeing the bodies for some reason.

Dukat finds a bracelet and starts crying. Kira thinks he had a Bajoran mistress but Dukat says he loved her. They go looking for survivors and take a break in a cave where Dukat sits on a spike. Kira pulls it out of his bum then laughs at him rubbing his bum. This is pretty funny...until Nana Visitor starts laughing. She cannot do laughing acting. Sorry if that gets me kicked out of DS9 CLUB or something. Kira tells Dukat she knows he's looking for a fourteen year old girl named Tora Ziyal. Dukat admits she's his dauhter. Kira thinks Dukat wants to rescue her but he tells her he'll have to kill her because to protect his wife and seven children. Kira offers to take her to Bajor but Dukat knows a half Cardassian won't be welcome there. Kira doesn't understand how he can kill the daughter of the woman he loves and says she's won't let it happen. Jake also has opinions on Kasidy. Kira and Dukat find that the Breen(!) are having the survivors of the crash mine ore for them. He spots his daughter amongst the prisoners. Kira and Dukat disguise themselves as Breen to rescue the prisoners. Kira's friend (remember him!) is dead. Dukat finds Ziyal and is ready to kill her. Kira tells him he has a choice. Ziyal says if she can't be with him she'd rather die. OF COURSE Dukat starts crying and hugs her and promises to take her home. Sisko tells Kasidy she should take the job and apologises for not being more excited before. He thinks the Starfleet life got Jennifer killed and didn't want the same thing to happen to her. She tells him she already took the job anyway and it wasn't up to him. That's actually a good resolution! Dukat tells Kira he's taking Ziyal back to Cardassia and she's impressed (AND TURNED ON? No, not that.)

It's a decent episode but also I don't like the whole "will Dukat kill Ziyal" thing? It feels overwrought. I never believed for a second he'd kill her. Maybe I should have believed it (it's Dukat, he's done evil shit before) but the way he's presented in this episode it ddn't seem possible. I feel like the writers regretted this episode for years and went too far the other way with making Dukat completely evil. The spike scene is nearly funny but that laughter is weird. The Sisko plot is a good B-plot. It's not bad.

SCORE: 7.5/10


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With Hippocratic oath, the thing I took away from the episode was the English guy tried to build something good and the Irish guy blew it up. A commentary on the troubles? Or probably just a coincidence.

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They go looking for survivors and take a break in a cave where Dukat sits on a spike. Kira pulls it out of his bum then laughs at him rubbing his bum. This is pretty funny...until Nana Visitor starts laughing. She cannot do laughing acting. Sorry if that gets me kicked out of DS9 CLUB or something.
No I agree (and you know how I feel about Kira/Nana). She has the same problem in the finale, when they are trying to figure out how to get into Cardassian HQ and they all start joking and giggling like schoolgirls. She can't fake laugh. Maybe it was a choice -- you never see Bajorans laugh that much, maybe they don't know how to do it right and she went with that idea. Didn't Michelle Forbes do a bad laugh with Geordi at the end of The Next Phase? And with Guinan at the end of Rascals? Maybe it's in the Trek Bible -- Bajorans won't learn how to laugh right for a few generations...


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Rejoined - Sisko lets Dax know that a Trill science team is coming to the station, led by Doctor Lenara Kahn. He offers to give Dax some time off but she says she'll be fine. When Kahn (Susanna Thompson from Arrow and Star Trek: Voyager) comes on the station Jadzia tells Kira that she used to be her wife. Two previous hosts of their symbionts were married to each other (as Bashir and Kira explain to Quark in a cute exposition scene involving sleight of hand.) Kira wonders why Jadzia and Lenara can't just carry on where they left off but Bashir explains this would be a "reassocation" and against the "rules" of Trill society. They consider it "unnatural" for relationships from previous lives to continue. Trill who do so are exiled and their symbionts never passed to a new host. There's a reception for the scientists and Worf tells a joke! Everyone watches Lenara and Jazia talking, to their amusement. They think they'll be fine working together. The scientists are working on the Defiant on opening an artificial wormhole (Eddington's there...for some reason.) Jadzia and Lenara are left alone and start talking about their old hosts. Dax apologises for the way her previous host died when they were married. Then invites Lenara to dinner (with Julian, she quickly adds.) She then goes and begs Julian to join them. They spend the whole time talking about their previous hosts while Bashir sits there bored. He happily leaves when someone breaks their leg. Dax and Kahn's flirting gets stronger once he's gone and they hold hands...while a traditionalist member of the scient team watches.

The scientists do their first wormhole experiment on the Defiant. It's a success. Jadzia puts here arm around Lenara and the dick Trill gives a dirty look to Lenara's brother. He questions her about her actions and says people are starting to talk. A flustered Lenara goes to see Jadzia. They admit they still have feelings and Jadzia says it would maybe be easier if they didn't see each other for the rest of the mission. She feels bad for widowing Lenara before and doesn't want to hurt her again. They end up kissing and Lenara leaves before anything else happens. Jadzia goes to Sisko for advice. He reminds her of her responsibility to the Dax symbiont. He tells her she has to be sure her relationship with Lenara is worthing paying the price, and if she is he'll back her all the way. It's a good scene! The science team do a further test and something goes wrong. There's a plasma fire in Engineering and Kahn is trapped behind it. Eddington wants to vent it into space (they don't know if Kahn is alive) but Jadzia saves her by walking over a forcefield. They tell each other they never want to be apart again. Dax comes to see Lenara while she's recovering from her injuries. The wormhole failed and will need a lot of work. Jadzia invites Lenara to stay on the station to work on it. Lenara still isn't ready to commit as she doesn't have a Curzon inside her telling her to be impulsive. This is sadly the one scene in the episode where Terry Farrell's acting goes a bit unconvincing. The next day Dax sadly watches as Kahn leaves the station.

It's a very good episode and one of the best relationship focuded episodes Trek's done at this point (probably the best really...there's not a whole lot of competition.) It also continues DS9's trend of treating same sex relationships as if they're completely normal (Jadzia and Lenara both being women is never an issue, just their silly Trill traditions) and I certainly hope that trend isn't later ruined by a careless mirror universe episode! Susanna Thompson is a very good guest star and Terry Farrell does well for the most part (just a shame about that final scene between them.) The wormhole story is just a complete nothing but it hardly takes up much time.

SCORE: 9/10