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Wacky Reviews: Things He's Watched On Netflix


I want to smell dark matter
I’ve been watching Evil Genius. It’s a real life crime documentary in a similar style to Making a Murderer, except they definitely did it.

It’s about the pizza delivery guy who some years ago had a bomb planted on him connected to a collar road his neck and was told to rob a bank. He was blown up and the documentary catalogues the hunt for the killers. It’s got lots of twists and turns which are obviously made more interesting since it’s a true story. Only 4 episodes too so it’s not a huge commitment.
I watched that. It was interesting because the crime was so bizarre, but the "they definitely did it" factor kind of hurt since it just turns out that all the creepy weirdos actually were creepy weirdos so that's not much of a surprise. There didn't seem to be much evidence that Marjorie was any more responsible than the other people involved but they focused on her more than anyone else because she was the most interesting characters (and because some of the others were dead.)
Yeah, if anything it seemed like the big guy (Bernstein or something?) was the most responsible since he made the bomb and came up with the treasure hunt for the keys. It’s unlikely Marjorie even knew that the pizza guy would die since she genuinely wanted the money recovered.