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Wacky Reviews: Things He's Watched On Netflix


Is this real life?
I didn’t end up watching the to the end of American Vandal season one, but season two’s been highly recommended to me, so I’ll have to catch up. I’m binge watching DS9 at the moment though. The last episode I saw was Distant Voices.

“My... tennis balls!”


I want to smell dark matter
Again? When was it ever good? It should have been a sitcom and not a drama.more like The Archie comic book
Season one was great, season two was bad.

Archie's in juvie, got stripped naked and (delousing?) powder thrown over him (I have no idea if they do this in juvie but it's not like Riverdale is going for realism.)

I didn’t end up watching the to the end of American Vandal season one, but season two’s been highly recommended to me, so I’ll have to catch up. I’m binge watching DS9 at the moment though. The last episode I saw was Distant Voices.

“My... tennis balls!”
So you don't even know who did the dicks!?

Season two is just as good as one. Maybe not as funny but the story's probably better.

So Making a Murderer season two is up today...

I already know that Steve and Brendan are both still in prison, so I don't if there will be enough new information to fill ten episodes?

I'm sure I'll watch it eventually.

Eggs Mayonnaise

All In With The Nuts
Disenchantment was renewed for "season 2" which is actually 2 more seasons in Netflix time. This 10-episode start was only the 1st half of season 1, which will conclude in 2019. "Season 2"'s 20 episodes will be split between 2020 and 2021.

They really want us to absorb these episodes in our own good time, eh.


I want to smell dark matter
They seem to only do these split seasons with comedy shows (same thing happened with Kimmy and AD) and I don't know why and I don't like it much!


Can I have Ops?
It's a good show. I wouldn't say it was great or recommend it to people who just want a good story and don't care about things like cinematogrophy and mood and acting. There's some episodes they could have cut the runtime of and it wouldn't have made much of a difference, and a couple of the episodes after the trial began tried my patience a bit (the one with the dance.) But it's a dark comedy not some weird mystery drama like it kind of looks like it's going to be, and that's good because it doesn't do the whole "but what if the dream reality is real and reality is the dream!?" thing. The narrative is actually more straightforward than something like Legion, but there are scenes where I wondered "what was the point of that?" while watching it. But yeah it's really good looking and well directed and the acting is very strong, especially from Emma Stone. Jonah Hill's character was a bit dull at first but he got better when he was in the dream dimensions. Justin Theroux and Sally Field were pretty hilarious. I liked it, basically, but not everyone will.
It was good and the acting and styling was interesting but the comic nature wasn't quite right. Sally Field was brilliant of course (still attractive) but I think it ultimately felt like a light horror which never ends up pleasing you (neither one thing or the other).


I want to smell dark matter
Yeah it didn't quite work, probably, but it was interesting. I liked that it had comedy and didn't end up all dark and have Jonah Hill kill himself after rememberig that his brother raped him or something. Even if the comedy didn't always work.

So Netflix are doing this annoying thing where when you finish watching a series it loops back to episode one of season one (if you don't stop it on time.) So I now have, for example, Iron Fist season one episode one on my "continue watching" list because I finished season two and there's no easy way I can see to get something off your "continue watching" list and it's annoying?


I want to smell dark matter
I have started watching Brooklyn Nine Nine in a similar fashion. It's quite good! Seems to get funnier as it goes on (though I'm only on season one and maybe it gets deeply unfunny in season two!) I feared it would be like Scrubs with "touching" sad music scenes when someone gets murdered or whatever but it's total comedy. Melissa Fumero is cute.
I need something else to watch on this slow pace as I've finished B99. Well the first four seasons as that's all Netflix has. It's a very good show. It's not often laugh out loud funny (or maybe I just don't laugh out loud a lot) but it is consistently amusing. I would say the consistentency is its most impressive quality as I don't remember there ever being a bad episode. All the characters are prefectly acted and get equal screentime with no cast changes over the four seasons so they really have the formula down. It's not as transcedently great or clever as something like Community BUT NOT EVERYTHING NEEDS TO BE. But yeah need something else now.


I love you
Is there a Good Place thread? I can't remember.
Anyway I just discovered The Good Place on Hulu,
which is Great!
Excpet that I missed episodes and it is not on S3E4. WTF I WANT TO WATCH EP 1,2, and 3!
Fucking Acorn! I kept waiting for it to come back to Netflix.
I can't angry watch the Good Place, it is bad moo joo.