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Dog shit in the front yard is unpleasant because you spend a lot of time contemplating the subject of dog shit.
I don't worry about it so much. The dog is shitting so the dog is healthy. The dog's companion, the elements, and the yard guy take care of the shit so it isn't something that becomes a problem.
The moral of the story is if you take care of your shit and not worry about someone else's shit you will be happier.
That doesn't change the fact that the last episode of the Walking Dead was poorly conceived and written, which is not the norm for this show.
If you hate the show, stop watching it and you will be restored to whatever manner of peaceful mind you believed you had that is being disturbed by his show that no one is making you watch.


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Two episodes before the winter break. The promise is we will have a definitive answer on what happened to Glenn before the break.


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And now we have to wait a couple of months to find out how well the gore wear works for Rick and train, how Glenn and Maggie get back together, and how Daryl and companions deal with the biker gang. In the meantime, the walkers are getting gorier, stronger, and faster.
I have a weird relationship with both the comic and the show. For the show, I am on Netflix, and therefore usually a season behind everyone else, and tend to say NO SPOILERS a lot to everyone who brings the subject up. Likewise, with the comic, I read the Trades (the six issue collections), so I'm a little be3hind on the comics but not as bad as on the show. It goes like this: I wait a year for the show, and then watch all sixteen episodes in a week or two. Whereas with the comic, I wait about 6 months, and read the damn thing in hours.

Starting with season 6, I was excited about the show following the comic a little more closely , but now it seems the comic is starting to follow the show a little bit too .

A few random thoughts: Casting has been consistent in that the characters on TV seem like the ones on the comic. Really liking show Jesus, Michone, and especially Negan (despite being significantly less of a potty mouth, he is extremely creepy.

Comic Negan has had a really interesting arc of late. In wrestling terms, I might label it as a convincing face turn. I'm looking forward to seeing where that leads...

I did notice a lot of hate for the show on this thread (as of the last post which is only 2 years old). I've stuck with both forms of TWD for this long because they fill the original promise of the book to have a "never-ending zombie movie" that doesn't just start rolling credits after a certain crisis. The comics have got to the point where they're slowly rebuilding civilization, and it will be interesting to see if the show follows suit...


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I do Netflix and hulu. They're cheap. If I get my phone with AT&T, I get hbo for life. But I don't know if their plans are that good. Usually , I buy a season pass at apple for shows I want, like game of thrones. I am annoyed that cbs makes you pay extra to get Star Trek discovery.


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I do Netflix for original content and movies I didn't see in theaters.

I haven't read any of the TWD comics or Game of Throne books.

HBO for Game of Thrones. Sucks that its going to be over a year before the final 6 episode season.

I saw episode 1 of Star Trek Discovery. I'm not paying CBS to watch one show on their streaming service.

Oh boy Season 8 Episode 1 of The Walking Dead is so awesome!
Yeah, I think I can wait for the new Star Trek, I'm sure it will come out on DVD or something.

Bad enough I might have to get the new Disney Streaming when it comes out, as I hear all the Marvel and Star Wars content will be moving that way...