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Welcome Mrs Nomanners!

curtsies Aww, how sweet.
@Bick: actually it was a darker blue and lacier. I'll take a snap, tomorrow.
@Falconarg: hiya! Who's the grumpy-looking blonde attached to the flying V?
Hi {{{{{{{ER}}}}}}}
meeep wrong :p
Nope my bras are all white.
ROTFLMAO! I can't give Karma yet, but as soon as I can, you'll get rewarded
That's Dave Mustaine, from Megadeth in failcunt's AV ;)
Ah! Thanks for the enlightenment. I must admit I've never heard of Megadeth (but they seem to have a good light engineer). I'm quite a fan of the good old stuff like Whitesnake, Rush, Molly Hatchet, Rainbow and all it's spinoffs.
IMO Rush have gotten a bit too commercial over the year. I like their old stuff (2112 was definitely an absolute highlight) but what they did the last few years ... argh!

Of my "shitty list" prefer Rainbow (ok, admittedly partially because Mr Blackmore's part is not really a challenge to a decent guitarist). There's an awesome live recording of him and RJ Dio having a little duel guitar chords vs voice cord (which the latter won, btw) where RB finally shows what he *really* is capable of. Very nice, indeed :)