Westworld season 2

I dunno about that. How was the Indian fella getting the maze symbols onto the insides of other bots' scalps? I think it was indeed Ford doing it, but also had the Indian bot doing it, too.


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They showed one of the Ghosts about to cut his scalp off, and it was implied that it was for the purpose of giving him the maze.
The way I gather it, it was Ford that had the maze implanted. The Indian bot saw a maze and it started him on the path toward sentience -- at which point the Indian bot started reproducing it to do the same thing to the other bots who would come along and see it.


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The clean up crews wouldn't bother cleaning the maze off the inside of his scalp and just sewed it back on, then later Wiliam found it and thought "THIS IS FOR ME."


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TFW you murder your daughter thinking she's a robot then carve open your arm because you think maybe you're a robot and also you were responsible for your wife's suicie.

Teddy is DEADY.

If Ford wanted Elsie dead why did he have Bernard lock her up in that cave instead of killing her then (maybe they needed her to access the Cradle I can't remember.)
What if none of 'em is even there? Like... what if it's all... Inception-ated, and all the guests are jacked into the Cradle, and all the 'bots are just NPCs who are getting smarter 'cause they been playin' with the real humans?


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I'm still wondering how you get from a stationary changing room to inside a moving train.

Or why security would have weapons that can kill humans.


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Tessa Thompson playing Delores was good.

So either Stubbs was a HOST ALL ALONG (which leaves like zero actual human characters alive) or he was using purposely ambiguous language just to fuck with DeloresCharlotte.

There were probably too many scens of people being shot in the whole season because it kind of lost its impact.

Sizemore getting to make his big speech was funny but it seemed totally unnecessary for him to sacrifice himself when he probably could have talked his way out of it.

I liked the ending with Delores making herself her own body and making a Bernard to oppose her because I like crazy robot logic?

The post credits scene feels like it should be the last time we ever see William but it probably won't be.


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CHARLOTTE GOT A ROBOT BODY!! Delores and Charlotte on the same side will be good.

The geniuses will revive Maeve, IMO. They love her.

Is William a fucking robot?
That seemed to be the direction his character was taking. Does that mean he'll menace Delores and Bernard once he goes back to the real world? Will he become some kind of anti-hero who helps people fight the host invasion? Maybe Bernard will have to choose between the monster man created that is Delores or the self created monster that is William.