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Westworld season 2

The Saint

Insert Witty Title Here
The way I gather it, it was Ford that had the maze implanted. The Indian bot saw a maze and it started him on the path toward sentience -- at which point the Indian bot started reproducing it to do the same thing to the other bots who would come along and see it.


I want to smell dark matter
TFW you murder your daughter thinking she's a robot then carve open your arm because you think maybe you're a robot and also you were responsible for your wife's suicie.

Teddy is DEADY.

If Ford wanted Elsie dead why did he have Bernard lock her up in that cave instead of killing her then (maybe they needed her to access the Cradle I can't remember.)

The Saint

Insert Witty Title Here
What if none of 'em is even there? Like... what if it's all... Inception-ated, and all the guests are jacked into the Cradle, and all the 'bots are just NPCs who are getting smarter 'cause they been playin' with the real humans?