Westworld season 2


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I can't see them skipping the whole show forward hundreds of years or whatever...but who knows! MAYBE IT'S ALL A DREAM A ROBOT CHILD IS HAVING.


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I think I get the ending. So, like the first season, I'm left wondering what a season three would look like, if there is a season three. It keeps me hopeful that there will be a season two of The Pope.


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I watched the original movie again the other night, I had forgotten how slow it was.

Also the main guy is distractingly like Phil Dumphy.


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We weren't as desensitized or as encumbered with devices yet in the early 70s. It took a lot of time to do just about everything and we didn't need as much explosive stimulation for something to be exciting or interesting. Not a good or bad thing - just is what it is.

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There were probably too many scens of people being shot in the whole season because it kind of lost its impact.
That's what turned me off midseason. I don't like shows where you're sitting there watching so many characters die each week and wondering "is there anybody from the original cast left?" See also Walking Dead.


I want to smell dark matter
Well most of the main characers are still around (in some form...or playing different characters), it was mostly nameless extras getting shot. Actually I'm now compelled to check the status of who I consider the "main" characters.

Delores - Still alive.
Bernard - Still alive.
Maeve - "Dead" but strongly implied that she's going to be repaired.
William - Still alive (improbably enough.)
Ford - Dead but there's an AI version of him and he's appeared in Bernard's head so likely to return in some form.
Teddy - Uploaded to the cloud, could return in a new body.
Charlotte - Dead but it appears Tessa Thompson will continue to appear in the show as a robot.

Stubbs - Alive/probably a robot.
Clementine - "Dead" but likely to be repaired...really all the dead robots but Angela fall into this category.

Elise and Sizemore appear to be permanently dead (since they're human) and Angela blew up. Also lots of minor characters died but who cares about them, am I right!

So in short I don't know.
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I guess with me, unless I'm totally drawn into the characters (like I was with True Blood), the repetitive scenes of violence sort of numb me and turn me off -- it lessens the impact when a major character dies because well everybody is dying in front of me so I guess no one will be spared, oh well.