What is the origin of this message bored?

Thank you Cait; I am ensconced in the reading even as I write this. I am sure I will enjoy reading it as I am a student of history--especially the absurd kind.


beer, I want beer
For those who are too busy to read that whole mess, just go rent that Trekkies movie, then imagine all those people got into a big fight like this:

:slap: :slap::slap: :slap: :slap: :slap: :slap: :slap: :slap: :slap:

Then all the ones who got banned went and built their own club, and didn't let any of the stinky ones from the old club join.

The end.


The Legendary Troll Kingdom
It all started over a misunderstanding between me and Veitch over a semantic. Someone used my "net persona" name in a way that pissed me off jack's colostomy bag over there, galga over here for those keeping score. Probably the one time I've been genuinely trolled. Anyway I lost it and Henoch like DEMANDED that Veitch ban the name. He played coy by email, I got pissed and threatened to MAKE him remove it by filing a complaint by email, and he banned me promptly. PERMABAN.

There were a couple of iterations of this, but I promptly went off to DELPHI and started a new board called the New Gutters or The Real Gutters...I forget, but it was really a blast. A few people got into it, and there was some good trolling fun to be had...then I came acrossthis free software that had every bell and whistle, and one of the Gutterati hooked me up with a CHEAP server, and since I was the King Of The Gutters, what did I want to call my very own shiny new board?

Why, The Kingdom, of course.

And so it was :)