What is Troll Kingdom anyway?

What is Troll Kingdom anyway
i know what i know:

"speak freely" = wars, lies and bullying

"question and suggestions" = exclusively for bitching and moaning.

"the badlands" = spam, spam, spam. (that's why we have posters with more than 75,000 post).

"the tea room" = "tk" whoring of all kind. (i never posted there...so berry-bert don't know or care)

"the mind fields" = sex, sex, with ducks, sex..? (a place the uppity staff and posters like "cory fucka" and and "bitchslapsmitty" can frolic and imagine cyber sessions with other...

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It's as it says on the tin. Anybody who tells you different doesn't know where the hell they are. ChurchSundayKingdom? Nope. PollyannaKingdom? Nuh uh. The Legendary mother fuckin' Troll Kingdom, bitches. Keep your eye on the ball.