when a alfa deer deposit his load in the woods..

for real my peoples.

if you dumped a load at wal-mart and no was around......would you smell it?


fo real yo! do yall smell your own shit stanks?

would 'cory' smell it? my dude 'steve' can smell shit a 109-feet away.

pray-- this thread is getting interesting.
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If by interesting you mean interesting that you like to play with deer scat, I'd say that's more disgusting than interesting but knowing you, I understand why you'd find that "interesting"

and you havent talked to either steven or cory in months, according to both of them this morning :D
was I talking to you ass clown? peoples don't include you 'jack' ass.


knuckle drag your old, pathetic, pale, dingy, white ass, in the corner.


stop following me, please.



The Legendary Troll Kingdom
Hey cunt, if I want any shit from you I'll squeeze your fucking head. Shut the fuck up. The day I'll do anything you "ask" is a day that's never coming you feeble monkey.

Stick to playing with deer scat, it's what serves you best, dumbfuck.


The Legendary Troll Kingdom
So, describe in detail what it's like to play with deer scat. I can't imagine it would be pleasant, but then I'm not you, thank God.