when a alfa deer deposit his load in the woods..


Holy Roman Emperor
Folks, I think we may very well be on our way towards the next "Turkey Murderers" thread.

Shall I post further artwork of deer-centaurs so we can pinpoint the one who Blackfoot likes to spend his private time with?
Dawg, all this talk of rolling in deer shit is just frankly dis-GUSTING!

New Age Pooping is about providing the best relief possible! Rolling around and gettin' hard with someone else's shit.... Dawg, you got problems.

And with DEER of all things! You sure you'se not a zoophile, "Blackfoot"?


Holy Roman Emperor
Alright, Blackfoot wants us to think that he wants some Warcraft Dryad as his girl - girls like these:

He wants us to think that, like many nerds, he's a "monstergirl" fan, who just happens to have a thing for Dryads. He's not fooling ANYONE. We all know he wants one of their brothers - a Keeper of the Grove: