Who runs this god forsaken board?

Eggs Mayonnaise

All In With The Nuts
Mentalist owns it but doesn't visit often, and I'm the only soul left of Earth who gives a shit enough to act as admin (who is also trustworthy enough not to turn asshole and wreck the place).

So, you wanna be let out?


RIP 1970~2018
So Volpone - If they let Imperium out but that fucktard gturner still pretends like he's ignoring me, Imperium is going to have to post as much as gturner for you to even break even on your 20% bit.

Might want to have a talk with your boyfriend.

Besides, if he stops pretending to ignore me I get to mock him for that too.

I figure you're smart enough to have seen that paint to-the-corner fail coming, so you know I'm waiting to do just that.

Let him out.

1. What are we fuckin' doin' here, working on a cure for cancer? The fuck is it gonna hurt?

2. We're not exactly drowning in traffic, are we. Here we have somebody who wants to participate, and you're saying no?