Why muslims become terrorists


I came for the porn
My research indicates that the root cause of Muslim Terrorism can be traced to sexual frustration caused by a huge shortage of Muslim women. You will be shocked and astonished at this very dirty and ugly little known secret of Muslims which is the routine abortion/killing of little Muslim baby girls because Muslim Men hate women due to dowry/inheritance/son preference issues. This killing has resulted in a shortage of 69 MILLION Muslim women in the Muslim world. 69 million is more people then were killed in WW1 AND WW2.The census figures for Muslim countries shows this shortage of women.For example in Pakistan alone there is a shortage of 25 million muslim women.This is called Female Infanticide. The population increase is 4 million a year in Pakistan. This mean 2 million girls a year and 2 million boys a year.You with me so far? Now if just 1% of these babygirls were killed/aborted this equals 20000 killed a year.over 10 years equals 200000 killed.Do you understand this? Of course the killing rate is much greater then 1%. \ The census proves a shortage of 25 million girls over the last 60 years of constant killing by Muslim men in Pakistan. Every time I ask a Muslim man this they will not answer what 25 million men are going to do without 25 million women.Could you answer that? This Muslim murdering of baby girls has caused 69 million Muslim men to be without a women for sex in the Muslim World of 1.6 Billion. Because they can't get sex and thus sexually frustrated they become a huge pool of potential terrorists for Islamic terrorist recruiters who promise them 72 virgins for becoming suicide bombers. Most of these women less Muslim men are usually uneducated, have no jobs ,are resentful because they can't get sex because no one wants to marry them and thus have no stake in Society. This makes them disenfranchised from society and very susceptible to being radicalized by Clerics,Imams,Priests and other religious extremists. I am not saying everyone of these women less 69 million Muslim men will be a terrorist.You only need a small fraction to have a very large number in absolute terms because the pool size of 69 million men is so large that even 1% will amount to 690000 potential terrorists.This is proven by the fact there is a daily deluge of suicide bombers. \ These suicide bombers have left behind numerous videos behind saying they are doing it for 72 virgins. Most Muslims are gullible and and stupid enough to believe this line of bullshit due to their extreme desperation for sex. As time goes on and the killing/abortion of Muslim baby girls continues daily the pool of 69 million Muslim without women will get larger and larger then the current 69 million Muslim men without women. Do you follow me? They rate in Pakistan alone is thought to be 12000 girls a month being killed/aborted and is thought to be much larger due to lack of reporting.This mean 12000 Muslim boys will end up without a partner.Evey month.Do you follow me so far? The solution is to stop the killing of Muslim baby girls but this will never happen to the primitive medieval Muslim male mindset which yearns for the old days of the Caliphate. The majority of Muslims have little education and that is from madrassas whose aim is to poison them with hate and remove their critical thinking faculties Islam is based on authority figures and faith in authority figures and this is why Muslims are condemned to live in a mental prison created by a 1400 old dead Arab. Below is just one article out of thousands which shows that Female Infanticide is common place is common place in Muslim countries. ========================= Karachi, Pakistan (CNN) -- At a morgue in Pakistan's largest city, five linen pouches -- each the size of a loaf of bread -- line the shelf of a walk-in freezer. Wrapped inside each small sack is the corpse of an infant. The babies are victims of what one relief agency calls Pakistan's worst unfolding tragedy: the killing and dumping of newborns. "Sometimes they hang them, and sometimes they kill by the knife, and sometimes we find bodies which have been burned," said Anwar Kazmi, a manager at Edhi Foundation, Pakistan's largest privately run social service and relief agency. Records at Edhi Foundation show that more than 12000 newborn girls were killed and dumped in Pakistan last year, an increase of about 200% from the previous year. Families view many of these girl children as a burden. Statistics show that roughly nine out of 10 are baby girls, which families may consider too costly to keep in a country where women frequently are not allowed to work. The babies are usually just days old. Their corpses are often dumped in Karachi's sprawling garbage dumps, where they're sometimes mutilated by street animals, Kazmi said. He estimates that thousands of baby corpses are never found. The head of Edhi Foundation, 83-year-old Abdul Sattar Edhi, blames Pakistan's crippling poverty and a government that, for decades, has failed to educate the masses, generate jobs and provide citizens with the most basic needs. "The distribution of resources by the government is wrong," Edhi said. "Many people don't pay taxes; there's no charity, and what you get from the government is all based on your wealth." The Pakistani government has said it's improving education, but 155 million Pakistanis remain illiterate, according to the United Nations. And the government is billions of dollars in debt while entangled in a costly fight against India in Kashmir by using militant groups to fight a never ending war by proxy. The killing of newborns gets little attention in Pakistan, and rarely are they investigated by a police force that's often poorly trained, lacks resources and stays focused on what's perceived to be more important crimes. In many parts of the world, female infanticide is still practiced through direct violence but also by intentional neglect, according to the World Health Organization. In some Asian countries, infanticide of girls is enough to skew the population figures in favor of males. The United Nations found, for example, that there are 150 boys to 100 girls in parts of Asia, especially in countries with extreme poverty and overpopulation such as Pakistan , India and China. "Girls are seen as a burden, seen as a property which belongs to somebody else so people see that as a waste of money and the wasting of an education of a girl said a Muslim Cleric at a madrassa in Karachi. In Pakistan, until things improve, the Edhi Foundation said, it will keep more than 300 cradles in front of its offices throughout Pakistan where families can drop off unwanted newborns. The foundation cares for them and puts them up for adoption, no questions asked. "It's for awareness -- that please don't kill your innocent babies," Kazmi said. ===================== This explains why Muslims become terrorists.To get 72 virgins as not enough women left alive as baby girls being killed by Muslim men. When you are in bed tonight in the dark staring upwards I want you to THINK really HARD,LONG and very DEEP about what i said to you above.OK??
Look, it doesn't take a TL;DR post to explain it.

Q. Why do muslims become terrorists?

A. The Quran.

There. Simple question, simple answer.

Oh, and before anybody goes, "Not ALL muslims, nyeeeeeehhhhhh!"

No shit. But the ones that do flip out and go kookoo for Coco Puffs, their religion is why. It's a religion full of barbarism spread by violence and terror. It's written to be that way, and the devout do what the writings tell them they're supposed to do. They're not being "Islamic extremists" -- they're being devout Muslims.