With all this recent NAP activity....


Holy Roman Emperor
I was reminded of something that happened back in 2010. Back then, I entered the phrase "Blackfoot and New Age Posting" into DeviantArt's search function, just to see what would come up. At the time, only one thing did - while now, several things do, and what originally showed up isn't one of them. But what did come up when I entered that phrase into "Search" over there? Well....

back in 2010 when I googled 'blackfoot' a whole bunch of shit came up..

google 'at24mercerave'.... that's is where the true gutters shit be.

you have to search carefully.

that's that 'j.bogner'; 'bissette', 'v-nooker', ask the clown, 'cory', 'spack', 'devilman' type shit is.

that stuff is so fucked-up, I dare not enter my own web-site.

if you dare too enter the house of NAP. it ain't my fault. you've been warned.

enter my house at your own risk.

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