Wordforge Hasn't Turned Into A Far-Left Board

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At the end of the day who cares if that place is a left-wing hellhole or a right-wing hellhole or something in between? The important thing is it's BORING as fuck, and it seems to be getting worse all the time. I mean, if you want to waste your time go read some facebook commentary, same difference.

Colonel Kira's Left Tit

Bearded Belly of Bajor
Please, they play you like a fiddle. :D

If anyone could or should save that particular shithole it would have to be the Ghost of Tamar, not you. No offense intended, but you're really not up to the task these days. :(
Why would I want to "save" them? I'm enjoying laughing at them. If that place implodes, some of them would end up here, including the "admin panel warriors", who would have no admin power here. That's when the real hilarity would ensue.

I notice even WF doesn't want to bring up the embarrassments that are Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the wild-eyed Commie bitch of New York, or the "Abolish ICE" nonsense. Seems even the soyboys have a limit for what they support, although in typical Commie fashion, they black hole any discussion of those few things even they find indefensible.
^^Re: that -- looks like Oerdin brought up the crazy Commie bitch, after all. And got the predictable response to it, too. That Ocasio-Cortez bitch is even more kookoo-bananas than Bernie, who is so nutty he actually looks like a Central Casting "Raving Old Kook."

But Oerdin, as a reward for standing up to a buzz-word-dropping Commie bitch, gets subjected to the usual "you're a racist!", or "you're a sexist!" bullshit. He didn't mention her race. He didn't mention her sex. He criticized her for being an airhead who doesn't know of what she speaks. WF instantly used her race and her sex as shields against valid criticism of her halfwitted ideological position, which illustrates an important point about leftists:

It is, in fact, they who are the racists and the sexists. Her positions are idiotic -- but, they think, because of her race and her sex, she mustn't have her positions examined and criticized.

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Whether it's here, there, or anywhere -- who wants to hear this shit hurled at them? You keep talking about truth and fairness about opinions -- but it's your delivery that sends people running and banning.

These are recreational message boards by design. People don't automatically come to them to talk politics -- they are bombarded with that on the rest of the internet. They come to places like WF or TK to chill and chat with familiar people about whatever. Your posts are not social in nature; they mostly seem calculated, as if all you want to do is confront, attack, or bloviate. And then you try to balance them with silly posts that seem forced and awkward.

It seems like you have zero ability to read a room. You size people up for how you can "best" them in your mind, or one-up them. You don't seem to know how to just hang. And then you're confused when people don't want to hang with you. And I'm not trying to attack or hurt you in saying this -- I'm just trying to understand what you're doing.
And yet, it's only one side of the spectrum doing the running, or the banning. And I don't know that that's true, that people come here not wanting to talk politics. People talk politics online wherever they end up -- it seems to me that it's when they encounter politics that run contrary to their own that people, markedly on one side of the political spectrum, start running-slash-yelling-slash-banning to shut the opposition up.

Point of evidence, you and Wacky got political in the MF. Did I run to staff demanding that be shut down or segregated? No, I fired back. Why can't you do that? No rule against it. There's nothing that says you can't present a rebuttal or counterpoint in defense of what you believe. Why isn't that what you're doing, instead of trying to shut me up?

If you're trying to understand what I'm doing, let me lay it out for you: I come here to catalyze conversations about things other than Anna Paquin or Natalie Portman or whoever the Mine Field is blathering about today. The Mine Field has got scrawny, boyish Hollywood ingenues covered, I'm starting other conversations.

I'm perfectly content to engage in purely Mine Field convos, in the Mine Field. And let me point out another thing: I don't go in there and try to guilt trip Mine Field regulars out of discussing Mine Field things, by the way. In the particular forum we're in now, why would you feel it appropriate to come in and try to guilt trip me out of talking about another message board and their shady behavior? My previous post in here was exactly on topic for The Godforsaken Hell Holes subforum and what it's supposed to be about.

So what gives?

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All In With The Nuts
Well sure, the rest of the board is comatose, so feel free to spill your seed all over it. But the Mine Field isn't dying and doesn't need that kind of direct defibrillation. I think that's my point.
*shrug* Like I pointed out -- and you haven't denied it -- I'm not the one who introduced it in there. I figured, hey, if y'all are gonna, I'll join in, and then you got butt-hurt and started howling.

Eggs Mayonnaise

All In With The Nuts
It's a matter of tone. People simply don't get that confrontational in there. If they do, it's never malicious. It's a bunch of friends who have survived the death of message boards and are still happy to meet up and spam and talk pop culture. You found a couple of meek (I mean MEEK) comments on current events in a thread about a TV show, and you pounced like you were in Speak Freely. Yes the Mine Field is part of Troll Kingdom, but the trolls left years ago and we're all that's left, and even the owner wouldn't like to see the trolls return, so them's the breaks.

But your answer to my question showed me that you don't care about such distinctions, so now I know.