Wordforge Loves Theocracy

There's no other way to explain their rabid Islamophilia. A theocracy that brutally oppresses women, abuses both women and children, legally persecutes homosexuals (or simply murders them), is virulently intolerant of other religions as well as atheists. These are all the things that, any one of which, sends Wrodfrodge into screaming conniptions when they even suspect that a Republican (which we all know are exclusively Christians; at least, we all know that if we're the simpletons on the left) secretly holds such beliefs.

But Islam? A vicious, violent, actual theocracy which holds all of the above absurd and animalistic beliefs to be dogma? Which acts on them openly, regularly?

Free pass from Wrodfrodge. Not only that, but if you point any of that out, in their domain, they eject you for being "racist", as if one even could be "racist" against a violent theocracy any more than killing Nazis in WW2 was "racist" against white people just because the Nazis happened to be white.
Oh, and to cut one argument off at the pass:

Before some WF shitass comes in here and tries to lecture me about "there's no such thing as morality" or some other post-modernist faggotry, reckon with what you're doing: trying to apply your morality. If there's no such thing as morality, then yours is no more valid than mine and, moreover, you defeat your own attempt to discredit mine when you assign value to your own.

So before you even type a single letter, shut the fuck up and give up on it. At least I have an ethos. Your entire ethos is predicated upon you not having an ethos.

If that seems bizarre and absurd? You're right. It is. But that's the post-modernist left. Bizarre and absurd. They believe there's no objective reality, no fact, and no morality. They then proceed from those tenets to tell the rest of us how we're supposed to live, which betrays their own philosophy that all truth is only narrative and all morality is subjective.

They're retards, in other words, who don't even believe in their own philosophy.

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Because WF's total and depthless hypocrisy when it comes to the subject of theocracy bears pointing out, as often as possible.

You can't be for LGBTLAKSDFALSKDFASJLKFLAUKSJLASKUJHAPWOIRJHAWSIUEHYLSDAKZHFASLKURIWAE rights and for womens' rights and at the same time be an Islamophile without being a massive, flaming hypocrite.

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Wordforge, like EI, jumped the shark long ago for me.

Really, beneath my attention these days, but then I don't have the taste for trolling like I once did. Maybe when I become a crochedy old man I'll get back into the swing of it.
BTW I'm not bumping this to get people to talk about it. Everybody knows what I said in the OP is true, it's self evident. I'm bumping this to keep chuckiefuck's thread's head underwater until it stops twitching.