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Hence the hypocrisy of WWE going in the first instance.

I watched it live on the Network. It was largely an over-hyped house show. Too many cheesed finishes - however both the 4 way ladder match and the Rumble (most of it) were well worth it. No idea why Big Cass has been given a high profile run against Bryan - for me he's a charisma vacuum with chicken-legs. Poor Bryan's hamburger meat chest & arm showed what happens to a body away from the ring for 3 years, but he put in a great performance. Right winner for my money.

However, it will be the Titus thing. I was watching with some friends in a Discord chat and all we did was laugh our arses off and talk about that being the 'new Shockmaster moment'.
He's not so bad. In the age of 6 foot or shorter crossfit enthusiasts the occasional giant is cool with me. Not that I don't enjoy the crossfit fellas. But WWE was kind of built on larger than life types. The big galoots of today's age at least have a shred of timing and athleticism.


I want to smell dark matter
I read Justin Roberts' (former ring announcer) book. It had a lot of interesting stuff about the wrestling side. In general the book went on too long, but any look behind the scenes at WWE is interesting, as long as it's honest and this seemed to be. WWE did not come across like a good place to work. Roberts was bullied a lot in his first years with the company. JBL is the biggest heel of the book (shocker!) and Triple H, Kevin Dunn and Vince come across like bullies too. There's interesting stuff about Benoit's split personality. It was also Roberts who first brought Connor (the young boy who died) to the WWE's attention and he details how his part was erased from history by Stephanie (though he does seem to like Stephanie more than her husband.) So yeah it's a book I read.


I want to smell dark matter
Maybe they didn't want to risk him dying right after being inducted, like Warrior did (that seems like the kind of thing Vince would worry about.)
Veteran wrestler Vader, 63 dies of heart failure

Leon White best known as 'Vader' during his time spent professional wrestling for 30 years. He was a part of the L.A. Rams Super Bowl XIV roster.


I want to smell dark matter
Very sad (obviously as he was only 38) everyone in the business seemed to love him. He had a lot of potential back when he won the first Tough Enough.