1. Gagh

    So Twitter wants me to use it more..

  2. Cassie

    Nielsen ratings and Twitter

  3. Cassie


  4. whisky

    Unfortunate series of twitter trends today

  5. Cassie

    Twitter jerks

  6. Cassie


  7. I Love Cunt

    Germs from twitter

  8. Dr Dave

    Twitter probed

  9. Tisiphone

    I'm kinda over Twitter

  10. whisky

    I added a few of you on twitter

  11. Tisiphone

    Should I get a Twitter account?

  12. headvoid

    I still don't get Twitter

  13. Mentalist

    I finally "GET" Twitter.

  14. jack

    Twitter Fun

  15. CaptainWacky

    Shell talked to me on Twitter too

  16. Gagh

    I've joined Twitter.