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They don't usually have abortions, they tend to believe getting knocked up gives them a raise in their welfare and SNAP bennies.

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Stabbing Suspect Steve Sinclair, Who Yelled ‘Black Lives Matter,’ Charged With Hate Crime

The victim, who is white, told police that Sinclair, who is Black, shouted “Black lives matter!” before stabbing him. The victim suffered serious injuries, including a collapsed lung.

A number of witnesses told police they saw Sinclair stabbing the victim, while the victim tried to run away.

According to the arrest affidavit, the first officer on the scene found Sinclair with blood on his hands and torso. The officer says Sinclair approached him saying, “Black lives matter,” and would not obey the officer’s orders. Sinclair also allegedly confessed, telling the officer, “I stabbed him, I’m a psychopath,” and “I’m the stabber.”

Officers were eventually able to arrest Sinclair without a struggle.

The victim in this case suffered serious injuries and his family says he cannot work for the next 6 weeks while he is recovering from his injuries. A GoFundMe campaign has been set up to help the family as the victim is the main provider for the family.



Article doesn't state the race but man and a woman get in an argument with another man and shoot him to death. Then the shooter kills himself as the cops try to arrest him. And Target gets looted. For justice. So if i had to guess...
Not sure but I think that is the black driver who rear ended a white couple’s car, decided it was the people he rear ended’s fault so he shout the couple and their daughter. Two of them died. He later shots himself as the police were closing in the BLM decided to riot lying and claim evil white supremacist cops murdered him.

So they typical kind of stupid.
And if I have to hear anymore about the dead black panther star I’m going to vomit. Yeah he died young, so do a lot of people, shut up about it already!!!
I'm just waiting for the #DefundDeath protests, and for Democrats to start insisting that "Orange Man Invented Cancer."