do anyone remember who posted this?.....

You said some stuff that would have gotten you KTFO in a great many neighborhoods. Hell I'd have swung on you for less. So maybe you should throw an apology back his way for being such a prick, THEN look for his extended hand and you can bury this and move on. You coming back to TK is not a bad thing. You coming back to restart a feud that died with your departure isn't.
you know who posted that, huh. facebook your ass to the answer since you conversate with whoever think they know me. which you know they know me.
do the work and ask around ;)

still dono? ==tee-hee==:yes:
Yeah, this would be the time to ease back the throttle a bit and let the damage be assessed. It's a little like verbal MMA; you have your opponent on the run, his knees are wobbly, you smell blood, you move in for the kill...and suddenly you're tapping to an armbar outta nowhere. Gotta watch that defense..
Honestly, this whole sub-forum would be a hell of a lot more interesting if, ya know, Blackfoot actually talked about the games in question (or encouraged discussion), rather than just copy-pasted shit from ESPN's site.

Instead, we get a place run by what's essentially an organic twenty-five cent spambot.