do anyone remember who posted this?.....

I love to hate you. All the cool kids are doing it.

I don't want to leave you,duhling (I'm having to much negging you.).

Something isn't right between your ears.

My love is about 6 inches your mom's love canal.
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I had a subforun once. They ended it due to its sheer awesomeness.
It was booby, and taser videos mostly.

Then I was the mod of the badlands. I neglected my duties during a dark period of binge drinking. I was outed in a bloodless, yet humourous coup.

I sure miss those guys (and girls).

fuck you, cunting piece of shit. you wouldnt know how to run a REAL sports forum in your shitty little fucking life.

Makes you feel like a big man doesn't it?

btw, i sent a note about what you're doing, along with links to your forum.

should make things interesting considering their TOS.

shitty little petty cunt. you're nothing

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I am now an active admin. I'm handy with a ACP so if anybody needs help with anything please shoot me a PM I'll be happy to help you resolve any issues.

I'm also very qualified to tell you to go fuck yourself if you are taking the Piss.

If you don't use the PM system you are more than welcome to post any difficulties you may be encountering in this Sticky thread. No one ever knows which ghosts are staffing this forum and that has its own benefits, but at least now you know at least one, should be 2 active admins are here if needed.

color=yellow]We both know that you don't believe that, because you fools start threads at Commie over the most trivial things.

If you really believe you trolled me or called my bluff, you'd have started a thread on it to try and show off.

Since you haven't, it would seem you're the one saving face. Then again, I doubt your fellow guttersnipes will believe anything of the sort of the nonsense you are trying to peddle.

Tough spot, huh?[color]