do anyone remember who posted this?.....

You said some stuff that would have gotten you KTFO in a great many neighborhoods. Hell I'd have swung on you for less. So maybe you should throw an apology back his way for being such a prick, THEN look for his extended hand and you can bury this and move on. You coming back to TK is not a bad thing. You coming back to restart a feud that died with your departure isn't.


The Legendary Troll Kingdom
you want to tread carefully here. Last person that did this died and his family coughed up a fuckload of money.

You are neither anonymous or unidentifiable, so like I said, I would tread carefully.
Nobody here likes you. I mean, shit, they don't hardly like me, either, but I'd lay a benjamin on the table that says if they were each given a gun with one bullet in it, I'd at least crawl out of that room and die on the sidewalk.


Yoiu gotta love the "if she dont respond in 30 minutes I'll assume that means you like me"

A midget kike owned by a stupid porch monkey... even going so far as to duplicate his avatar.

Tsk Tsk... is this what TK has become?

Sucking off a large black cock is easy? I would have thought it would be difficult for such a little man as yourself...

But then, you're the right height, so... guess not, huh?

Yeah, you're owned. He didn't have to do a lot either. :D
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I have an idea. Why you don't financially contribute to the continuation of troll kingdom. Then you can have a say in the administrative comings and goings. Hell, throw them enough greenbacks they might even rename it to "Bertshocka's Troll Kingdom" You can cancel you premium subscription to "" to pay for it.