Get your booty to the polls

Maybe that'll let you white nazi's form a new Communist party.
So, you're basically on the verge of word salad, at this point. Try to at least hold it together until Trump wins, Jack. It's no good having you merely disintegrate rather than explode. :bigass:


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LOL GSA was just forced to start the transition officially.

I'm loving this :D
About damn time. Trump's tomfoolery has put Biden 20 days behind, but I'm sure Biden will still be ready to get things going in the right direction January 21st 2021. After 4 long years, I'm proud to be an American again. #that'smypresident


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Well said. The Cabinet is shaping up to be something remarkable.

We'll see what Turtleman says, if he has anything to say about it after Jan. 5th. Pretty chaotic in GA currently, what with the ghost of Ceasar Chavez getting lost in the Dominion voting machines and flipping Trump votes to Biden and all. My favorite about all that was the cheap hair dye dripping down both sides of his face as he said it.

I wonder if Powell will lose her day job over this? Nice tits either way.

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:bigass: The landslide will actually be quite entertaining to watch, considering 37 million have already voted by mail and those looooooooong lines are people who are sick of the hate, sick of the racism and misogyny and mostly sick of the lies. You know, like the ones you spin like breathing. I voted a couple weeks ago, so I'm one of the 37 million/ My guess is the total votes at the close of nov 3rd will be somewhere over 160 million total, maybe even 180 mil. I don't believe for a second that there are any more than 65 million of you thugs out there, scary as that is.

It'll be a relief actually to have a little normalcy up front.
Ok I'll admit I was wrong. I had no idea that 73 million actually think this way. I suspect there's MUCH more to it than that.

But still, look how many of US voted :D


You know if me and mine didn’t have to suffer, I’d love for all of you to get the exact hell that you voted for, and I could just back and laugh and laugh and laugh, because you can’t fix stupid!!
You know if me and mine didn’t have to suffer, I’d love for all of you to get the exact hell that you voted for, and I could just back and laugh and laugh and laugh, because you can’t fix stupid!!
Oh, they haven't drunk the kool-aid about Ol' Sniffer -- they've fucking mainlined that shit. They refuse to see what's coming if the Democrats succeed in stealing this election for Beijing Biden. Cost of living heads for the stratosphere thanks to higher taxes and a resumption of business strangling regulations. Meanwhile, jobs are displaced and wages contract thanks to an extreme open borders / amnesty policy -- while citizens are subjected to hardcore lockdowns. Fortunately, Sheriffs are pushing back on existing lockdowns, which will make a national lockdown a piecemeal affair.

Where they will implicitly acknowledge these issues, of course, they seem to believe these issues won't affect them; maybe they think they'll be in line for some kind of "useful idiot" exemption. :gagh:

But, as I've pointed out before: It ain't over 'til it's over.

Biden may be giving speeches in front of an, "Office Of The President-Elect" curtain (and by the way, there's no such damned thing as the, "Office Of The President-Elect.") but until the electoral college has their say, he is not President-elect.
[Regarding the computer repair tech who discovered Ol' Sniffer's kid's laptop full of pay-for-play evidence and kiddie fiddling] In other news: UH OH...I wouldn't want to be THAT guy.
Why not, Jack? Why wouldn't you want to be the guy who found out that Beijing Biden was in on graft with his kiddie-touching crackhead kid? Are you implying that a prospective Biden administration would retaliate against a whistleblower in some unbecoming fashion?
Here's what I'll say at this juncture: Trump has a few days, at most, for his legal team + the Powell chick (I forget how her first name is spelled) to "release the kraken", if they've actually got one. I'm no longer convinced they do. Hey, a guy can only maintain a sense of suspense for so long.

After that, yeah, he needs to concede. It doesn't mean the election wasn't stolen; the appearance of impropriety, just by itself, is absolutely overwhelming.

But let 'em go ahead. Give those who were duped into voting for Harris by proxy 4 years to get the worst case of buyer's remorse in human history. Then watch how hard the Democrats get pounded in '24. Assuming Harris hasn't sold us wholesale to China by then.

In earnest, Jack, I know you don't support Biden any more than you supported Bernie. Know how I know? Democrats cored that old Commie ass like a rotten apple -- again. And not a peep of outrage out of ya over it. So you didn't really support him. And you don't really support Biden, either. Probably not even Kamala Sutra Harris, for that matter. You're just against representative democracy. You don't want regular folks represented by government. You don't really care who's fucking us over, as long as somebody is.


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You don't know what I think or care about. You demonstrate that with every post.

There's a reason Bernie and Warren belong in the Senate, not the Cabinet. Because if you're watching carefully, Biden is plotting a transition to normalcy. It's a relief after 4 years of daily outrage to be honest. Unless something unexpected happens it should be 52-48 Senate after Jan 5th. Thats my opinion, not what's necessarily going to happen. My suspicion is there may be more bipartisanship in this Congress than the last 12 years, we'll have to see.

Tune in to that fake PA discussion this afternoon. That should be a fucking hoot. I just have to ask, why haven't any of these accusations of fraud been reported to the proper law enforcement? They still won't do it. Now they're setting up a forum disguised as a hearing to do the same thing. Make baseless (or heresay) accusations with no proof to back them up. It's a persuasion event as far as I can tell, designed to undermine the Biden presidency. Not sure how it's going to work for them, but you should be aware that there are over 80 million pissed off people who can see what's going on.
What you call a "transition to normalcy", normal people -- non-self-destructive Americans -- call Biden selling us all out. As in: all of us. As in: you, too, numb nuts.

You think when Biden floods our streets with newly emboldened illegal aliens, you'll be safe? Your revenue won't take a hit? You think when Biden raises taxes, your cost of living won't skyrocket with the rest of ours? You voted to fuck us all, you indoctrinated self-loathing fucking moron -- us all. Yourself included. You don't have any exception to the absurd, toxic stupidity you're cheering for.
By the way, Jack, don't go sperging out with some derpy ass victory dance. I'm only doing what I've been doing this whole time: keeping a calm and objective eye on this as it progresses. There's no "pivot" for you to squirt cum all over yourself about, just to head that off at the pass.

Trump may squeak out a victory over the election theft at the eleventh hour. All I'm saying is that the closer we get to the eleventh hour, yes, the less likely that seems. Could still happen. Even if it doesn't, the United States isn't over. And even if the anti-American kook fringe gets their way, they're going to regret having gotten their way, because the economic devastation isn't going to spare them any more than it's going to spare anybody else.