Get your booty to the polls


Pinata Whacker
Top 10 things I will enjoy saying to you.

America, love it or leave.
I love America now that Biden is definitely President. Trump and his commie buddies tried to cheat and steal the election but failed. Try again in 4 years, sore losers.
Nobody has won or lost yet. And I'm not angry; I am amused, though, as you continue to prove that you're on the same intellectual level as the stoop anchor.


The Legendary Troll Kingdom
I really want to buy one of those suitcases that held 185,000 ballots in Georgia. By the way, here's what 180,000 sheets of paper look like:



The Legendary Troll Kingdom
and then he did it again 11 minutes later. :bigass:

Explains all the gas he's been spewing for the last few weeks.