help! the thread and messages count need fixing...your welcome


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Hey it's "Special K" BTW dumbass "K" is the american standard. It means 1000 whether you like or agree with it or not.

STFU. :bigass:


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Marching to the beat of your retarded drum is futile, you will just be whinging about something else five minutes later.


Nice job blackfoot NAP. NOBODY cares bout your bullshit that's going on. Go kick rocks. Moved again? Didn"t take long. Brick is scaring me. Maybe Gagh will come back and change the thread title.
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blackfoot NAP

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can we change it back to the american standard? i want to read the messages count by the number.

32,500 post instead of 31.5K post.

how long will it take, "eggs"?, "brickvader"?, "mentalist"?, "cassie"?

my third option in bold.


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32,500 instead of 31.5K? I guess you missed a K somewhere?

How ya doin Special K? :bigass:

btw, what's a "threaf"?

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We keep Questions/Suggestions relatively clean from spam so it can still function and help people. Once a thread starts going off the rails into a spam ping-pong, it gets split or moved.

I split the other one, and this one didn't have a clean seam to cut so I just moved it. I wouldn't expect a change to the numbering anytime soon. PM Menty if you're serious.