Mine is the superior intellect...


Zombie Hunter
OK. Understand something: I'm smart. Not Hawking/Einstein smart. But smarter than most people. Smart enough to be the stupidest guy in Mensa.

It's taken me until maybe a decade ago to really understand this. People knew this. Possibly as far back as when I was in 6th grade. But for whatever reason, normal people decided it wasn't a good idea to tell smart people that they're smart. I don't know if they think we'll just figure it out on our own or there's a fear that we'll take over and run things. Really, if they actually thought it through, what's the down-side of having the smart people take over and run things?

So yeah. Decades wasted. Everything that could have been accomplished if people had just told me they need people like me to figure things out for people like you.


Pinata Whacker
I'm smart too, but I wasted decades of people telling me I was a worthless piece of shit(quiet and socially awkward equals dumb apparently), so I learned to hide my smarts and play the dumb guy. It just made life easier. Too easy. I got too comfortable. Now living on my own I'm slowly rediscovering my smartness.


Zombie Hunter
Other day I was walking my dog. Running late and I'm 2 houses from home--just about going to be not terribly late--when a car pulls to a stop and rolls down its passenger window. Woman driving with her two kids in tow. "Excuse me, but do you know where XYZ School is?" "...I do not. But I could look it up on my smart phone." "Would you? I don't have my phone with me."

So let me get this straight: You're taking your kids to school, but you didn't figure out where you were going before you got in the car. And you didn't bring any way to figure out where you were going. Your entire plan was to just drive and maybe find someone who knows how to give you directions.

Starship Coyote

Original Gangster!
What I like is the intelligence level of people who work in McDonald's. Especially the evening shift.

Try something moderately difficult like ordering "no pickles." You have a 50/50 chance of getting pickles on your burger even though there's a sticker on the wrapper specifying "no pickles."

But these assholes want $15 an hour.


Zombie Hunter
True story: I haven't had McDonald's in...forever. So long I found myself actually craving McDonald's. Last weekend I found myself in a position where I wound up having to defer my lunch until around 7pm. And knew that I'd have to spend an hour or more walking a dog when I got home around 7:30pm. And there was a McDonald's in the same parking lot where I was doing business. Two birds with one stone.

Only there were like, 15 cars (and that isn't an exaggeration--or at least not much of one) lined up in the drive-thru. And I know how fast the McDonald's drive-thru is. Fuck that.

Then I realize there's another McDonald's that is only 3 blocks or so out of my way on the way home. It may be the world's shittiest McDonald's, but what's the worst that could happen?

I get there and there's only 1 car at the drive thru. Good day. They have multiple lanes for drive thru now so I got to pull right up. Totally a moot point, because there's only one person taking orders on all the lanes.

Then it took 17 hours to fill an order for 2 hamburgers, a small fries, and a small Coke. That is an exaggeration. But it took a fuck ton longer to fill such a simple order at a standard meal time when there are no customers than it should take a "fast food" restaurant. I go to McDonald's when I need to quickly and inexpensively put calories in my face hole. They have not managed to provide that in...over 5 years now.

PS: I couldn't decide it the occasional marijuana smell I was picking up was left over from the car that had just pulled away (not because it got its order but because, although they have 2 windows--1 for paying and 1 for getting your food--they only had 1 open and they wanted to get my money) or from the restaurant itself. I'm thinking the restaurant, given the lead singer from the Spin Doctors-looking fucker that was attempting to fill my order.


Zombie Hunter
Also, how is it you can have 2 customers and 5 people filling an order for 2 hamburgers, a small fries, and a small coke and it takes goddamn 5 minutes?