Racist and Offensive Phrases that people still use all the time.


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"the itis"

More commonly known now as a "food coma," this phrase directly alludes to the stereotype of laziness associated with African Americans. According to Mic, it stems from a longer (and incredibly offensive) version that includes a racial slur.

Modern vernacular dropped the racial slur, leaving a faux-scientific diagnosis for the tired feeling you get after eating way too much food.

I recommend using the technical term instead: postprandial somnolence. Or maybe just say you're stuffed.


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I kind of like the way postprandial solomnence rolls off the tongue though :D


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and msn ripped it off from business insider, so yeah.

I'll think of some on my own.


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I remember "nigger lipping" a cigarette when I shared it in the bathroom in school.

Love Child

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Apparently "Long time no see" is racist to asians

Grandfather clause is a racist term

Peanut Gallery

All racist AS FUCK according to this article

(some of the phrases mentioned in the article I have never even heard people use)



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I was going to make a subtle, ironic joke here about a real life event from today. And it works with the topic. But it requires so much setup that I knew the payoff wasn't worth it. And it was too subtle and ironic for most people to realize it was a joke. So here's Sarah Silverman in blackface. (Just type "sarah silverman blackface" into YouTube. I can't be arsed to find the link.)
"Nigger-rigged", aka "Mexican Engineering", used to describe hastily cobbled-together solutions to mechanical or electrical problems, meant to work only for a limited time and pass only the most cursory kind of inspection.

"Gypped", as in "swindled", a slur against gypsies.

"Paddy wagon" is a racist term due to its anti-Irish inference.

Insert joke here about how "sauerkraut" is a racial slur for a stereotypically humorless German or group of same.


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And the worst stereotype of all "Blackfoot" Uses every nigger trope as a lifestyle.