Sarah Silverman apologizes for having previously been funny...


Zombie Hunter
Apparently this is a thing now. There was an article a week or two ago about backlash she's getting now over a bit she did in "Jesus is Magic" and today she's self-flagellating over a blackface bit she did on "The Sarah Silverman Program." I wasn't familiar with the bit, so I found it on YouTube. Like "Blazing Saddles" it is utterly hilarious, although wildly inappropriate. That was the beauty of "The Sarah Silverman Program": She was playing a shallow, self-absorbed, thoughtless parody of herself. The blackface bit is funny because it is so completely offensive and the character she's playing is completely obvlivious to this.

But now you can't joke about Sensitive Topics. Next up, the musical "Avenue Q" will be barred for the song "Everyone's a Little Bit Racist Sometimes."

I blame the Jews.