A Thorough Analysis Has Revealed Only 5 Individuals Post Here

blackfoot NAP

King Of Bling
trollkingdom's active members list:

blackfoot nap: neonmercuryash: whisky: jack, devilman, yahooee, jibbles: volpone: modman: loktar: eggs mayonnaise: the question, vulpes inculta, charlemagne, brownfoot: sausageman: ceejay: the tomtrek: cassie: captainwacky: fuddlemiff: mentalist: usuc: oerdin, dr dave, fun loving dave: lanzman: imperium: jester: theartist: steve samurai jack: saleel mageed:



rusty shackleford: mirah: kefka: has rejoined our legendary 'trollkingdom'. that's 35 confirmed members since nov 1, 2021.


robots ahrefs: Bing: semrush are frequent visitors here.


add 'gear' and 'dershocka' to our list.

dat is 37 members.


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Good afternoon all.

jack and his duals (approximate time per day attendance - 10 hours).
CeeJay and his duals (13 hours).
The Question and his Afro-American caricatures. He is also Saleel Majeed (when angry), Volpone (when drinking) and several other low-level posters. I estimate he spend no less than 8 hours a day here.
CaptainWacky - a unique individual. No duals - not anymore, at least.

***The rest are all the same 5th individual, or belong to the first 3 people listed. I admit my analysis falls short of assigning all duals to specific posters. However, This 5th poster has no prime identity and is likely an incredibly dangerous individual IRL - even more so than John Castle. They operate more accounts than any of the first 3 and spend an eye-watering 17 hours a day posting / lurking @ TK***

***Administrators / Moderators omitted as they do not qualify as real / voluntary posters***

Thank you.

Didn't even mention me.

blackfoot NAP

King Of Bling

blackfoot NAP

King Of Bling
add llyanna and harkley to the list

40 active members since nov1.



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Fuck off, jerk. Mind your business. No one needs (or wants) you to point out the obvious.

Or in your case, oblivious. Go talk to yourself in your spurts forum. You're not even good at that.

See what I'm doing to you, Blackfoot?

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