CARS I WOULD LIKE TO BUILD (in no particular order--and not authoritative)...


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I have an A-Team van. And a TARDIS. That isn't a car, but it is somehow relevant. I came very close to doing a Mystery Machine. I sourced the van and the way to do the exterior. But just couldn't justify it. But the bug is definitely there. With the new Ghostbusters movie and discussions with a friend, a (very improbable) ECTO-1 is a possibility. At one point I found a very credible Optimus Prime at a deceptively reasonable price. So here, then, is my list of cars I'd do if I could figure out a reason to do them. I will certainly add to it later, because I've skipped quite a few:

The Mystery Machine. Chicks dig the Mystery Machine. Even boys too young to remember The A-Team love the A-Team van, but the Mystery Machine is so much more popular (I've learned). And really, the hardest thing about it is mounting a spare tire on the front and figuring out how to do the funky flower-petal wheel rims. Actually fairly practical (if you can find a base van). Fairly affordable. Fits in a garage. And can be used for things. Could even make money at conventions and car shows and even Uber/Lyft stuff.

Optimus Prime. Finding a mid-1970s cabover sleeper Freightliner is suprisingly easier than you'd think. And the prices are a lot lower than you'd expect. The problem is...the problems are...among the many problems...Right, I'll come in again: NO ONE EXPECTS THE SPANISH INQUISITION!!!! The thing is, even if you find a dirt cheap truck that is in perfect condition, the cheapest shittiest paintjob you can do on it will be over $10K--more than you paid for the truck. And Optimus Prime would not be Optimus Prime without the trailer. I don't even know how much a trailer costs or where you get it, but once you do, you've got to have a place to store the bastard, which means a huge garage--or at the least a spot in the yard and space to turn around. And a CDL to take the bastard out on the road. You could still do conventions; maybe even moves. Or be an independent over the road trucker, but not that practical.

The ECTO-1. OK. The ECTO-1 is a 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor Futura ambulance-hearse. Research shows 400 were made--over 60 years ago. At least 2 were used for "Ghostbusters." So the odds of finding a donor car are damned slim. And then getting it running reliably is even slimmer than it was back in 1984, when it became the ECTO-1. Then add in all the electronics you need to pack onto the bugger and it's a real expensive headache. On the plus side, it is somewhat practical and will fit (maybe) in a garage (it may be too long instead of too tall (the A-Team van *barely* fits in a standard garage. Maybe. )

The Batmobile. Forget about any replica. The 1960s Adam West one is based on a 1950s Lincoln concept car so you'd have to build the entire body out of fiberglass. Actually you'd have to do the 1989 Batmobile out of fiberglass too--and the bastard's over 20' long, so good luck finding a garage it fits in. It holds only 2 passengers and no cargo and would even be a challenge to make street legal, so again, good luck finding an excuse to build it--apart from charities and fundraisers. The Nolanverse "Tumbler"? I don't even know how I'd build it. So you've got to do a Batmobile from scratch. Unless I'm a playboy millionaire about to fight crime, I can't manage that.

I have seen a General Lee on the streets. And Max's Pursuit Special/V8 Interceptor. But they are low on the priority list because they're not much more practical than a Batmobile--and less cool.

OH! OH! The "Emergency!" Squad 51. The Internet tells me it is a 1972 Dodge, but I could do an "inspired by" on this and any suitably workmanlike utility pickup, painted red with a light bar and the appropriate graphics would please me. Might fit in a garage (depending on the light bar) and mostly practical. Wouldn't mind building one.


I recently sold an u restored 1968 Chevy Corvair coupe 140hp project car which I was unlikely to ever get around to restoring. The storage lot raised their rates from $20 to $75 per month and my wife kept asking why were wasting money storing it. On the upside the 1967 Chevy Corvair couple with the 110hp engine is 80% restored. Whole thing taken do to sheet metal, rusty parts removed and fixed, sanded and painted, got all the new interior parts except a dashboard and headliner. I need to find a reproduction dashboard still and I want to fancier instrument cluster.

One step at a time.

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I would like to build the car from the Flintstones I think


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I was going to suggest that all of TK work together to design a car... but I get the feeling that we'd just end up with this: